OCAP Gets Its Stupid On At City Hall! (feat. No One Is Illegal, Toronto School Board & Gaétan Héroux)

John Clarke from OCAP- I'm sure the glowing eyes are no coincidence...

John Clarke from OCAP (The glowing eyes are mere coincidence…)

Yesterday was a very interesting one for Toronto’s City Hall. Shortly after noon a group of people from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty setup camp in front of the mayor’s office to protest the city’s policy on shelters. It was a planned event, OCAP had booked space in the neighbouring Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity (a haven for Toronto’s anarchist groups) just an hour before.

Selecting the mayor’s office was a smart choice of a location. It’s not only high-profile, but most of the major news networks have access to pre-installed wiring to connect their cameras to live feeds. Unfortunately, being OCAP, they made some dumb choices too. The most significant one being their decision to try and slander me while talking to those news cameras. And, wow, did it ever backfire on them!

When I arrived at 2:15 there were a couple of banners hanging in the atrium, on said “no more homeless deaths” the other reflected OCAP’s union roots saying “Cuts kill the poor”. Let’s not forget that the head of OCAP, John Clarke, is tight with Sid Ryan (both who immigrated to Canada and started shit-disturbing when they got here.) Adding more shelter spaces creates more union jobs than permanent housing.

I walked up the stairs to find myself immersed in a crowd of 35-45 angry socialist revolutionaries camped-out in front of the mayor’s office. People were sitting on the floor with blankets, garbage was already strewn around, and there were some protest signs laying along the wall.

Then, suddenly, I was briskly approached by Mark Brill. On-paper, Brill is the webmaster for OCAP but it’s obvious he’s much more than that- I’ve seen him take a leadership role at every protest he’s appeared at. And, unlike most of the people there, Brill’s getting paid a salary (as is John Clarke).

Brill went into OCAP’s usual spiel- saying that I’am not allowed to be in a public place because OCAP deems me not  worthy to be there. Could you imagine the kind of world we’d see if these people were actually in-power? Just like the last time I was accosted by OCAP members, I was polite and quiet and made my way to the sidelines. But, that didn’t stop them, they continued hounding me.

City Hall security approached us and made it clear to the bullies that I had every right to be in that place. They continued to argue with security right up to the point that they were threatened to be issued a trespass warning if they continue. I agreed with security that I’d stay where the media was setup (as was my intention) and I quietly filmed the event.

Then, out of nowhere, a very silly man named Gaétan Héroux came up and started harassing me. The security guards quickly intervened, explained that I had every right to be there, and warned him that he would get a ticket for trespass if he wouldn’t stop.

Instead, the guy starts spouting out the same set of lies Doug Kynikos threw at me from OCAP’s rally during the Liberal Party convention protest last month. This is very significant because it demonstrates that the lies OCAP broadcast about me last time have had an effect on my reputation.

Next, Héroux engages in a well-worn Lefty dirty trick- but, unfortunately, the guy is so deeply immersed in the language of his socialist obedience cult that he doesn’t realize how dumb he sounded. He actually said to the security guard that (because of my presence) there were female protesters who were going to leave!  The security guard chuckled, as did a cameraman from the CBC. Isn’t that what the security team wanted anyhow?

Anarchist Christian Peacemaker Mennonite Doug Hatlem was making an announcement to the media at that moment- but Héroux’s rantings began to divert their attention. Soon all of the media was flocked around this guy and he began yelling-out lies about me in front of the cameras. When he finished with his litany of slander one of the reporters asked him a simple question:

“Who is he?”

To, which, he comes back with an answer that exposed the depths of his ignorance:

“I don’t know who he is.”

That was the point where the cameras were shut-off, when they realized that Héroux was all beard and no brains. Equally, he showed us the inner workings of a socialist obedience cult. When the leadership doesn’t want someone around them, they get their minions to make fools out of themselves with rabid attacks and false allegations. This sort of thing happens so often that it’s almost a required part of every obedience cult protest. You see, by finding an outside person to make the villain, the leaders are able to deflect criticism.

If you’ve not been reading my articles you may be wondering why OCAP are so hell-bent on trying to stop me from covering their protests. I’ve been writing about violent Canadian activist movements for over a year now, exposing their funding sources, partnerships, and extremist dogma. OCAP is probably the most prominent in English-speaking Canada.

OCAP was front-and-centre during the Queen’s Park riot back in 2000. John Clarke screamed into his megaphone egging on the crowd- some of those people were carrying Molotov cocktails. OCAP’s is the most senseless type of violence- the kind of stuff that plays right into the hands of dark people who want to expand the police state (yes, that’s you Dick Cheney).

Someone shared a link with me last night that reminded me why it’s so important to expose what’s happening in organizations like OCAP. It’s a webpage by the Toronto District School Board outlining approved organizations for teachers to engage with for Anti-Classism Education. It’s downright scary.

On this page the TDSB advises teachers that “OCAP is willing to visit schools and deliver workshops regarding issues of poverty such as homelessness and housing issues”. Yes, you read that right- a group of slanderous bullies who, in their spare time, throw Molotov cocktails at the police are being invited into classrooms across the city. How could this be? Well, it gets worse:

Click to expand (then click again)

Click to expand (then click again)

No One Is Illegal is probably the most racist, pro-violence and malevolent organizations in the English-speaking left. Their leaders openly advocate for the use of street violence against the police and have promoted causing massive property damage in our cities. NoII is also busy creating division, hate and misdirection in Canada’s indigenous communities. One of their leaders, Harjap Grewal, helps organize a group caught making videos singing “take back the land, kill the white man“.

There’s something seriously wrong here. The TDSB is supposedly putting a lot of effort into reducing incidents of violence and bullying- knowing that, how could they possibly invite two of Toronto’s most violent, racist and bullying organizations into our children’s classrooms? This is an outrage.

Chris Bolton is the chair of the board for the TDSB. I’m going to be writing him a letter shortly asking for a meeting, and the opportunity to explain this problem to him in-person. If you’re also concerned about this situation, you may want to send him a mail expressing your disapproval. The more of us who contact him, the more likely we can get it to end. Here’s his email: [email protected]

Here’s the video of yesterday’s incident- let’s hope this guy’s not the brightest bulb on OCAP’s string…

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