Kevin Annett & William Annett: Two Generations Of Fraud…


Kevin Annett: Keep him away from your kids

Kevin Annett: Keep him away from your kids

Kevin Annett is one of the most despicable people I’ve run across in my research- he even makes David Eby look like @MotherTheresaBC. He’s a defrocked priest who has been running con-games against indigenous communities for many years now. He started-off simply using them as a platform to garner donations from unsuspecting members of the public, then graduated to claiming fake mass graves on First Nations reservations.

It all culminated with his fooling them into digging on the Six Nations site in Brantford Ontario. After months of “waiting for the results” of some bones that he “found” there, it turns out they were only animal bones. It’s tragic really, many people were given false hopes and people are only just starting to heal from the pain. Even worse- some people still believe him…

How does a man sink so low as to do such things? Didn’t his parents teach him right from wrong? Well, it appears his father taught him a lesson or two about life. From a con-man’s perspective that is…

Willliam Annett – Con Artist

I first learned about William Annett from a posting where Kevin Annett asked people to send donations to a trailer park in north Florida. William is Kevin’s father, and an old-time stock swindler with a long history in British Columbia. It also appears that he was a pretty bad father who raised his son to join the family trade.

William started Western Canada Water Enterprises back in 1984. According to the Los Angeles Times, the purpose of the company was to use giant tanker ships to carry water from BC and carry it to Mexico and Southern California where it would be sold at a higher price. It sounds like a good idea- but, anyone who understands the politics of Canada-US trade agreements will quickly see through William’s ruse.

It took me about 30 seconds to figure this one out- Canada has never allowed bulk water exports from our country. So, from the start, the basis of this business was never a possibility.

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