Tahrir Square Revolutionary Questioned By Canadian Border Officials, Cries Out “Racial Profiling!”


Story from APTN…

On May 3rd a Native American activist from Bismarck North Dakota named Patricia Stein flew into Saskatoon. Like every other passenger on her plane, Stein was required to clear customs/immigration checks with an officer from the Canadian Border Services Agency. After a short interview she was directed to go to the waiting area for a secondary interview.

Stein has claimed she was stopped on the basis of racial profiling- because of her native heritage. According to a report on APTN, the second CBSA officer’s first question was to ask about her race. When she answered Stein says that the officer “literally had a pad of paper in front of him and wrote ‘Native American’ down and circled it.” He then began to question her on her work in the activist community and her connections to Idle No More. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Well, the story is scary, but not for the reasons one sees on the surface- if anything, we should be patting the CBSA officers on the back for a job well done. The scary part isn’t that Stein was selected for secondary screening- what should scare all Canadians is the reason why…

Stein moved to Cairo in 2010, a few months before the beginning of the 2011 revolution. In an interview with the (anarchist led) Media Co-Op she explained that she moved to Egypt to be with her Taekwondo Coach, and she helped to pay her way teaching English. So far so good- the typical experience of a young expatriate.

Unlike many foreign students who tried to keep their heads down and out of trouble as the revolution proceeded, Stein took the extraordinary step of getting personally involved. She joined a revolutionary group called the Tahrir Bodyguard- vigilantes who tasked itself with policing after a series of female activists (and a reporter) were raped and attacked during demonstrations. There weren’t any police to call, so they stepped in to do the job.

Does it now make more sense why Stein was given a secondary interview?

Well, the story actually gets even better. On December 12, 2012 Stein, an American in an unstable country, showed-up at the Canadian embassy as part of a two person protest carrying Idle No More signs. This activity caught the attention of the Canadian media, and activists around the world. The Canadian embassy has a security team, it’s doubtful they wouldn’t have researched who was behind the protest. (It was only a couple months after the Benghazi massacre.)

It’s unknown who Stein was visiting in Saskatoon, but she has some interesting connections with professional agitators here in Toronto through her work with Operation Thunderbird- a revolutionary anarchist group that brands itself using the name of the hacker collective Anonymous.

There’s no better way to explain Operation Thunderbird than through their own words:

“We know the Earth is dying. We know that it is time for Woman to rise for the feminine voice of reason and caring community to lead. With this knowing we step out to support and protect one another in a joint effort to be free from the nightmare created by the dominant paradigm of Patriarchy”

If you’ve been following the radical left for any period of time you will notice a couple of things here. First, there’s the part about the imminent death of the earth- this is the same type of language we hear from the end-of-the-world environmental cultists in organizations like the Deep Green Resistance and Earth First! (who closely align themselves with Egyptian and Canadian revolutionaries).

Next, there’s the part about creating a revolution where women are left to lead after the patriarchy has been smashed- this sort of language plays well with indigenous communities with matriarchal cultures. It’s also the sort of statement that fuels the Men’s Rights movement. But, taking into consideration that they’re Marxist revolutionaries, it’s most likely their goal is to stir such anger and discontent. (Personally, I think men’s rights activists are being played this way.)

Operation Thunderbird first came to prominence on April 6th, when a group of protesters travelled up to Thunder Bay, Ontario to protest at the local police station. Protesters (as they will) complained that the police were over-represented, but when it became public who was behind the protest it made a lot of sense. Protesters involved included anarchist American ‘street preacher’ Doug Hatlem Johnson and at least one notable Toronto cop-baiter. Locals in Thunder Bay have commented that the entire mob came from out of town- none of the locals seemed pleased.


Operation Thunderbird have made Stein’s intentions very clear- it’s her job to bring the “Tahrir Bodyguard model” to Canada and the US (a.k.a. Turtle Island). This information was clearly broadcast to the world almost a month before Stein crossed the border into Canada- it also makes it very clear what her intentions are.

Yet, Stein says she was stopped for secondary questioning because of Racial Profiling- who is she trying to fool!

It’s probably worth mentioning that this isn’t the first connection I’ve found with the Toronto activist community and the Egyptian revolution. American activist Sakura Saunders magically appeared in Cairo in December of 2011. Her official story was that she was on her honeymoon with Darius Mirshahi. It was a strange honeymoon though, during it Saunders took time to livestream to members of Occupy Toronto from the media centre of the revolution. And, according to what she claimed, they were the only people there. Strange.

When Stein did her interview with the Media Co-Op last December she explained how she’d share the story of the struggles of North American indigenous people and how it paralleled with how she perceives the struggles of the Palestinians. Unsurprisingly, she expressed how this built solidarity with the Egyptian revolutionaries (who are connected with Palestinian revolutionaries). There are bridges being built now, Stein is a big part of this.

Considering this, Stein’s claim she was racially profiled comes across as absolute hogwash. The truth is that if the CBSA didn’t stop her for a secondary interview it would be an act of gross incompetence. False claims of racism/sexism/violence/etc may provide activists with temporary benefits- but, ultimately these types of deceptions end up hurting people with genuine cases.

In this situation, Stein’s making a mockery out of those people- because, put simply, Stein’s case is the reason secondary screening was invented…

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