Cheri DiNovo Slaps Eco-Terrorist Training Camp For Excluding Trans Women! (Feat. Deep Green Resistance)

Cheri DiNovo- Encouraging anarchist follies...

Cheri DiNovo at Zach Ruiter’s Racist Anti-Police Rally

The Deep Green Resistance are a cult-like organization of anarcho-primitivists. It’s their belief that the world is about to end and that the only solution is to abandon industrialization and live off the land. They have a plan to get us there too- a revolutionary battle cry calling the people to blow up dams, power lines, factories and smash the state! The DGR are (wannabe) eco-terrorists.

This week Parkdale’s MPP Cheri DiNovo stepped out and took a curious stand against the DGR. The first surprise is that she actually denounced an anarchist group- she’s spent a lot of time around them over the past year including Zach Ruiter’s GE-Hitachi mess, with the Sea Shepherds at Marineland, and at the anarcho-syndicalist marches at Porter Airlines. Despite the anarchist’s bad behaviour at these events, DiNovo has consistently neglected to speak out.

But the bigger surprise was that her complaints had absolutely nothing to do with the fact DGR is a violence promoting obedience cult. DiNovo’s complaint is that this cult is prejudiced against and excludes trans people from their training camps…

This weekend Toronto is blessed with the presence of the RadFem Rise Up! conference- billed as “The radical feminist conference for womyn who want to get active and smash the patriarchy.” The conference was keynoted by Lierre Keith who co-authored a book about DGR theology with cult leader Derek Jensen. Other speakers included Rachel Ivey from the DGR and anti-prostitution activist Samantha Berg.

Like many radical feminist conferences, this weekend’s meeting was restricted to female participants only- but this usually means that trans women are invited. The DGR, however, has a very unique view on gender identity, calling it a product of male superiority. So, in their translation, trans women are to be excluded from the RadFem Rise Up! conference.

The best way to explain how dangerous the DGR is would be to use the words of their leader Derek Jensen. If you haven’t seen it, take a couple of minutes and watch this compliation of some of his ‘greatest hits’:

Those who discuss and promote pacifism are deemed ‘enemies of the movement’ and must be stopped at any cost. Reading their dogma one get’s the feeling Derek Jensen and his followers are on the verge of moving to a Guyanese campground.

But, for Cheri DiNovo, the fact that the DGR promotes actions that could kill thousands of people doesn’t appear to be as important as the fact they exclude trans people from their meetings. This is likely because of Private Member’s Bill she got passed in June that protects trans people against “discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender identity and gender expression”. For DiNovo, the DGR’s policy is an opportunity to showboat her accomplishment.

DiNovo has stated that she wants to file a complaint against the DGR at the Ontario Human Rights Commission, making their exclusion of trans women a test case for her new law. Considering all of the other controversy around them, and how they openly promote people engaging in terrorist activities, their infamy could be a distraction from the trans rights issue. It’s also a distraction from the DGR’s support of violence.

What DiNovo’s fighting for here is beyond absurd. The people of Ontario don’t need their end-of-the-world obedience cults to be fully inclusive. What we need (and want) is for our children not to be recruited into them.

Cheri, get with the program…

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