Breaking: No One Is Illegal Anarchists Break Down Gate At Montreal Immigration Holding Centre! (feat. Alex Hundert)

The aftermath of today's No One Is Illegal protest...

The aftermath of today’s No One Is Illegal protest…

This afternoon a group of anarchists gathered together in suburban Montreal at the Laval Immigration Holding Centre. They were there to protest their (radical) views that Canada should be a nation with no borders and no prisons. The protest was led by the infamous No One Is Illegal (NoII)- an organization that openly advocates the use of violence at protests.

The event was advertised as a family friendly protest, with the troublesome statement “Bring your kids! Bring food to share at the picnic!“. But of course, whenever an organization like NoII sets up a protest, it’s the last place one would want to take their children- doing so is likely a surefire way to have them taken away. This protest was no exception.

The protest began as a peaceful picnic on the front lawn of the detention centre. The anarchists gathered together, gave speeches and discussed their objections to Canada’s system of immigration. They were then entertained by some horrible sounding anarcho-rap by an ‘artist’ who goes by the name Emrical (who is, at least, better than Cameron Monkman– but, who isn’t).

They then gathered together at the facility’s front gate to start the official ruckus. The protest banged their drums, blew their horns, and screamed towards the building. It was your typical anarchist rabble- lots of noise, and masturbatory in nature. Then, some of the crowd decided to quixotically take their anger out on the front gate until it fell down.


Convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert was there for the action (a man who has physically intimidated women and trans people) and caught some of the ruckus on video. Notice in this posting he made on Facebook how he says “solidarity means attack”. Hundert is a violent and dangerous criminal- so this sort of statement is to be expected.

Here’s a video of today’s event:


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