[UPDATED] Ontario Common Front: Where Unions, Activists & Anarchists Converge…

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan at last year's Common Front meeting...

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan (head of the Ontario Federation of Labour) at last year’s Common Front meeting…

Update/Correction: Dan Beaudoin is not a member of the Indignants, but is very close with them.

The Ontario Common Front describes itself as “a coalition of over 90 community groups and labour unions that represent millions of Ontarians”. Looking at their list of endorsing organizations one will see many Ontario unions- but, also, some of the provinces most distasteful groups- including some that promote riots, anti-Semitism, violence and foreign despots. If members of the involved unions knew their dues were going towards supporting this melange of hate they’d probably revolt.

Every few months members of the OCF gather together to network, celebrate mayhem, and plan their future campaigns. Yesterday they met at the Yorkdale Holiday Inn, in December they met at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (a.k.a. The Mordor of Education). Let’s have a look at some of the troublesome characters who attended…

The Indignants (Mike Roy, Bailey Lamon & Dan Beaudoin):


By now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with The Indignants- the anarchist media collective who recently had their house raided by London Ontario police after being suspected of vandalizing a brick wall. Mike Roy, Bailey Lamon and Dan Beaudin are currently on bail awaiting their trial. Only moments after their release, Roy was filmed saying “ACAB” (all cops are bastards) and Lamon saying “FTP” (f##k the police). The Indignants to national attention after Ezra Levant exposed their lack of knowledge about the pipelines during his piece on a Swamp Line 9 protest in Hamilton.

Lana Goldberg (Occupy Toronto):


Lana Goldberg first came to prominence during Occupy Toronto, where she came under a lot of criticism for trying to focus the movement on union issues. Her most hilarious action at Occupy was the United Steelworker’s Union’s flashmob in support of usury. Later, she snookered a number of homeless occupiers to travel to Ottawa in a march that ended up being in support of Sid Ryan who appeared on the stage with anarchist rapper (and plastic trinket seller) Darius Mirshahi. In January Goldberg was involved in the illegal blocking of a train line in Sarnia.

Brigette “Stop Harper” DePape:


Brigette DePape’s claim to fame comes from her time serving as a page in the Canadian Senate when she pulled out a sign shaped like a stop sign that read “Stop Harper!”- interrupting proceedings and being pulled out by the Sergeant At Arms. Somehow, people on the left adore her for interrupting our democracy. Since then she’s been travelling across the country at union expense discussing her ‘heroic’ action. DePape is also closely connected to the NGO world, travelling as far as Istanbul earlier this year to speak at the Global PowerShift conference.

John Clarke (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty): 


John Clarke is one of the more troubling people in Ontario’s radical left. He’s the head of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, one of the most dangerous and violence prone organizations in province. Clarke was charged (and later acquitted) with inciting the Queen’s Park Riot in 2000. OCAP radicalises the poor and homeless into a militant army for such actions, and was a central player in organizing  the mayhem and violence during the Toronto G20 riots in 2010.  Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour has called OCAP an essential part of the fight.

Dave Vasey (Love Is The Movement):


Dave Vasey is a professional protester who wears the now infamous Love Is The Movement tattoo. Vasey became the de-facto leader during Occupy Toronto after he and his associates hijacked the movement from normal occupiers. Vasey is also involved with the Mennonite Church funded Christian Peacemaker Teams, the group who sent protesters to Iraq during the war to act as human shields for Saddam Hussain. Vasey was at the illegal Sarnia rail blockade during the Christmas holidays, and was deeply involved with the Swamp Line 9 occupation. Vasey has a reputation for intense social violence towards those who get in the way of his objectives.

Anna Willats (Everywhere you don’t want to be):


Anna Willats is the Waldo of the Ontario activist community- wherever there’s a protest or action she seems to appear. She’s been involved with the infamous Queers Against Israeli Apartheid– a tool being used by the radical left to hijack Toronto’s annual Pride events. She also runs one of the more comprehensive mailing lists about radical left events. Recently, her newsletter labelled convicted G20 ringleader Mandy Hiscocks as a “political prisoner”. In Anna’s world, vandalism appears to be an act of honour.

Sayed Hussan (No One Is Illegal):


Sayed Hussan is the leader of Toronto’s chapter of the anarchist-led No One Is Illegal- quite possible the most racist and pro-violence activist organizations in the Canada. Hussan was arrested and charged during the G20, but was let off through a bargain after G20 ringleader Alex Hundert agreed to plea guilty. More recently, Hussan was involved with the Swamp Line 9 protest, and was the only protester honest enough to admit that it was all about smashing capitalism. Hussan also took a lead role in the co-optation of protests over the police shooting of Sammy Yatim, which is now being used as a promotional tool by Sid Ryan and the Ontario Federation of Labour.

Trey Winney (Occupy Toronto):


Last, and possible most dangerous, there’s Trey Winney. He’s the poster boy for how the Occupy movement was a great success for the unions and the radical left. Like many, he joined Occupy as a normal person who had some concerns- many people who knew him there have told Your Humble Narrator that he was a nice guy who wasn’t yet radicalised. Unfortunately Occupy changed that, and he’s made a complete reversal into someone who has become quite scary. During the sentencing for G20 vandal Kelly Pflug-Back, Winney assaulted a photographer from the National Post. Winney’s worked as a parade marshal for many events, including Toronto’s May Day parades. He was also involved with the Swamp Line 9 protests, helping lead a group of protesters blocking traffic on Toronto’s University Ave.

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