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Who Set The RCMP Cars On Fire At The Mi’kmaq Fracking Protest? (feat. Harrison Friesen & Jayson Fleury)

An interesting picture has been bouncing around the Internet this morning (see above), claiming that indigenous protester Harrison Friesen is responsible for lighting police cars on fire during yesterday’s clash with New Brunswick RCMP. The image also states that Friesen is both an RCMP and CIA informant- a popular accusation used by far left radicals …

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New Brunswick Mi’kmaq Warriors, Molotov Cocktails, The Media Co-Op & Lies (Feat. Miles Howe)

Big news is coming out of New Brunswick today. According to reports that came from the Media Co-Op’s Miles Howe this morning, Mi’kmaq Warriors have been throwing Molotov cocktails- a report from the CBC indicates police cars have been set on fire too. But, of course, we have to ask the question: can we trust …

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US Consulate Issues Exaggerated “Anarchist” Security Alert For Downtown Toronto (Feat. Julian Ichim)

On September 1st a group of professional protesters were left to wreak havoc on the streets of Toronto. They blocked traffic, harassed motorists, and eventually smashed the windshield of a woman’s car. Toronto cops were there to manage the protesters, but they only protected their own police stations- people on the streets were left to …

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[Updated] Why Do We Always See CUPE & Fred Hahn Hanging Out With Anarchists? (Feat. Brian De Matos)

UPDATE: Brian De Matos responded to the video Your Humble Narrator created on the YouTube page. It leaves me with a new question- why do so many people who hang out with Fred Hahn and CUPE feel the need to make threats when they’re exposed for their ignorance? Just another union affiliated thug who can’t …

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