[Updated] Why Do We Always See CUPE & Fred Hahn Hanging Out With Anarchists? (Feat. Brian De Matos)

Fred Hahn with Brian De Matos...

Fred Hahn with Brian De Matos…

UPDATE: Brian De Matos responded to the video Your Humble Narrator created on the YouTube page. It leaves me with a new question- why do so many people who hang out with Fred Hahn and CUPE feel the need to make threats when they’re exposed for their ignorance? Just another union affiliated thug who can’t take responsibility for his own actions (Notice how he neglected to make excuses for his dancing on a memorial to the dead…)



Last Saturday a group of people showed up to protest a men’s rights rally in front of Queen’s Park- led by Zach Ruiter, one of the most distasteful professional protesters in Toronto. Ruiter is known for his juvenile stunts like waving doughnuts on strings in front of police officers, appropriating indigenous causes, and generally acting like an idiot wherever he goes.

A new idiot showed up on the scene on Saturday- his name is Brian De Matos, and he too made a complete idiot out of himself. Besides showing his lack of understanding of the word ‘suffrage’, he and Ruiter reached new heights of distastefulness by dancing on top of a memorial for the dead. This time, Ruiter and De Matos were representing a new anarchist group called Bash Back! (Hahn is wearing a Bash Back! pink triangle in this picture)

Somehow, whenever there are anarchists to be found, Canada’s public service union CUPE is never far behind. In this case we see a picture of Fred Hahn with Brian De Matos. Hahn is the president of CUPE Ontario, and he’s often seen associating with Toronto’s anarchist community.

You may remember a couple weeks ago when the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty broke and entered onto private property with the CUPE bus waiting behind them carrying their supplies. Other criminal activities related to CUPE include the violence during the Caledonia dispute, members who participated in the violence during the G20, and their funding & support for the Occupy movement across Canada.

There’s no coincidence here, the unions are deep in-bed with the very same anarchists who are committing crimes across the country. And, in Ontario, Fred Hahn is never far behind. I’ll leave you with a video of De Matos showing his lack of knowledge about Feminism (while protesting for feminism), and he and Ruiter dancing on the memorial for the dead.

I’m sure Fred Hahn is proud…


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