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Toronto Cop Watch App Writer Was Arrested After Violence At Anti-Police Rally! (Feat. Antonia Zerbisias)

When Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias heard about the new Cop Watch Toronto iPhone app, it’s likely she giggled with excitement. You see, Antonia is very well connected with the city’s F##k The Police crowd- she writes stories painting them as jailhouse activist heroes¬†and sometimes even uses them as ‘credible’ sources for her (‘credible’) stories. …

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[UPDATED] Toronto Cop-Baiter Organizes Warm Bodies For Postal Worker’s Parliament Hill Rally! (Feat. Derek Soberal)

UPDATE: Now it appears that Olivia Chow is going to be introducing a bill in opposition to Canada Post- the last part of the formula. Yep, it’s all about the NDP! ————- Derek Soberal is one of Toronto’s most notorious and prolific cop-baiters. Wherever one sees radical left protesters clashing with the police, Soberal is …

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David Compan Is In A Mental Hospital, And Roseanne Barr Is Part Of The Problem (Feat. Kevin Annett)

We don’t know much about David Compan. He’s a man in his 20’s-30’s, light brown complexion, gold earring in his left ear, he’s married to a woman named Pritame Bal,¬†and speaks in a groovy accent similar to the French taunters in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Like the Frenchmen in the movie, Mr Compan also enjoys …

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Political Violence: Elizabeth May Labels The Council Of Canadians As An Illegitimate Organization!?

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May is a strange duck. On the one hand she’s one of Canada’s most outspoken figures against activist violence- consistently insisting that it’s “unproductive” and has a negative impact on the environmental movement. But equally, she so often comes out spouting nonsense in regards to the people committing the …

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Dear Roseanne Barr: Please Stop Promoting Kevin Annett, He’s A Monster

Dear Roseanne, It’s been over two years since we last spoke during Occupy. I appreciated back then how you helped stand-up against the people who were promoting violence in the movement. Ever since that incident I’ve only had good feelings about you- so, please understand, I come in peace. Today I learned some deeply disturbing …

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