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Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Invokes Godwin’s Law On Climate Change!

Your Humble Narrator filmed the above video on October 15th at a 350.org fundraiser in Toronto. In it, May invokes Godwin’s law by comparing the fight against Hitler’s Germany to the fight against climate change. More interestingly, she next gives us a glimpse of the totalitarian world the Green Party is planning for us- explaining …

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Toronto Twitter Troll Trial Exposes Jezebel’s Trigger Happy Gender Baiting (Feat. Lindy West)

Jezebel.com is a radical feminist website owned by Gawker that’s known as one of the most angry and controversial addresses on the Internet. Their articles are often visceral, intentionally provocative, and occasionally demeaning towards men. Jezebel has an unabashed agenda to promote radical feminism über alles- which is fair, we all have the privilege of free …

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Was Antonia Zerbisias Article On Twitter “Troll” Gregory Alan Elliott A Vindictive Attack?

Gregory Alan Elliott used to be a royal pain in the ass. Elliott was a prolific user of Twitter who was notorious for his snarkiness and persistence. Some of Elliott’s tweets were funny, some exposed the hypocrisy of our politicians, but there were tweets that a few thought crossed the line. Now he’s been banned …

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Idle No More Unmasked Part III: Let’s Follow The Money! (Feat. David Eby, Neil Young & Hollyhock)

Introduction:In Part I of this series we explored the David Suzuki Foundation’s involvement with Idle No More and how they neglected to disclose their stakeholder status in their letters to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In Part II, we looked into the background of INM’s webmaster and his connections to a global “revolution industry” that helped …

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Idle No More Unmasked Part II: Who’s The American That Runs The Website? (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

NOTE: Part I of this series can be found hereIf you’ve spent time reading through Idle No More’s website you’ve probably seen Spencer Mann’s name a few times. Mann is Idle No More’s webmaster, and appears to be responsible for the majority of the content posted on the site. Mann is the sole proprietor of …

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