Idle No More Unmasked Part III: Let’s Follow The Money! (Feat. David Eby, Neil Young & Hollyhock)



In Part I of this series we explored the David Suzuki Foundation’s involvement with Idle No More and how they neglected to disclose their stakeholder status in their letters to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In Part II, we looked into the background of INM’s webmaster and his connections to a global “revolution industry” that helped bring activist violence back in vogue.

In this instalment we’re going to kick things up a notch and start following the money. It’s a fascinating journey that will introduce many characters familiar to readers of this site, while exposing the money making machine that feeds some of Canada’s most high-profile union/NGO affiliated professional protesters. Join us as we dig deeper into the belly of the beast that’s been corrupting grassroots movements.

The Tools Of The Trade:

If you look at the very bottom of INM’s website you’ll see an advertisement that says “Developed by cStreet Campaigns Created with NationBuilder”- a tagline you’ll also find on the websites of some of Canada’s most prominent radical-left politicians, one prominent American, and fundraising sites that help feed the activities of three of the Love Is The Movement activistocrats.

cStreet is a service provider that manages online campaign and fundraising services for unions, ‘progressive’ politicians, advocacy groups (like Idle No More), and filmmakers- all key players in “the revolution”. cStreet manages the crown jewels of any campaign including contact lists, donor lists, funding details and engagement metrics- the type of information that a union, political campaign, or activist organization would only share with a highly trusted partner.

Josh Stuart of eStreet (formerly of ACORN Canada)

Josh Stuart of eStreet (formerly of ACORN Canada)

The company is based in Toronto and led by Josh Stuart, a former employee of ACORN Canada. ACORN was started in the US by Rade Rathke, was widely acknowledged as a tool for radical elements of the US Democratic Party, and was shut-down after a major scandal in 2009. Rathke was on the board of the TIDES Foundation, and a supporter of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson (who is strongly backed by TIDES).

cStreet runs their campaigns using a platform called, a “community organizing system” that’s used for creating websites, managing voter/donor engagement and campaign finances. NationBuilder was co-founded by Joe Green, a former member of Democrat John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, a co-founder of, and the man famous for being Mark Zukerburg’s roomate who turned-down the opportunity that would have made him a billionaire.

cStreet stands at the heart of Canadian radical politics, serving an impressive client list reads like a who’s who of the militant left. Their client list gives us some insight into links between radical elements of the NDP and the Democratic Party in the US. And, of course, how all roads lead to the TIDES Foundation and their training ground at Hollyhock.

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cStreet’s Radical Politicians:

The NDP's David Eby & Thomas Mulcair at Joel Solomon's condo...

The NDP’s David Eby & Thomas Mulcair at TIDES Director Joel Solomon’s condo…

David Eby is the BC NDP’s newly elected MLA in Vancouver-Point Grey, and sits at the heart of TIDE’s political influence. Eby’s campaigns have been backed by Joel Solomon of TIDES, his previous employers at the PIVOT Legal Society and BC Civil Liberties Association have both been funded by TIDES. Both Eby and PIVOT have used cStreet’s services for their online funding and campaign management.

Eby has played an important role in the Anti-Globalization movement, and is likely the one Canadian politician most closely linked with Black Bloc style political violence. It happened in 2010 during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver when Eby setup a group of ‘Legal Observers’ for anti-Olympic protests.

The purpose of the observers was to ‘watch the police’ and capture any bad behaviour they had towards the protesters. Eby’s observers were scheduled to be working throughout the protests, but were later asked not to come on the first day- militant protesters had planned a Black Bloc action, and there was a danger the observers could be used to provide evidence for the police.

As a result of Eby’s withdrawal, the protesters had carte blanche for creating mayhem on the streets; windows were smashed, street furniture was thrown around, and protesters forced their way into police lines. David Eby has not yet answered questions about his foreknowledge of any violence, nor if he he reported any knowledge he had to the police. A few days later, during a sponsored event (Judy Rebick ran Rabble at the time), activist Harsha Walia (an associate of Eby’s) stated that it was common knowledge the violence would occur (NDP MP Libby Davies was in the audience).

Eby spoke out against the violence after the Olympics, just as Judy Rebick did after the Toronto G20. But, despite this, both have continued working and associating with people who’ve been unabashedly promoting it. Eby is currently under consideration for taking the leadership of the BC NDP, let’s hope (for them) that someone first calls him to account for his activities during the Olympics.

Eby and PIVOT both took active roles during Occupy Vancouver- both made regular media appearances discussing the legality of Occupy’s encampment. A little known fact about Occupy Vancouver is that one of the people listed as a defendant on the court documents (Mathew “Clown” Kagis, partner of BCTF activist Shasha Wiley-Shaw) was also named on court documents for the Clayoquot Sound logging protests led by ForestEthics’ Tzeporah Berman.

David Eby and Harsha Walia, Canada's #1 promoter of political violence

David Eby and Harsha Walia, Canada’s #1 promoter of political violence

When Ben West of ForestEthics wrote his endorsement for David Eby’s campaign in the (TIDES allied) Vancouver Observer he compared him with Van Jones, an American politician/activist with deep ties in the Democratic Party. Jones was a keynote speaker at last year’s BC NDP convention, Eby proudly posted the speech on his campaign website.

In 2009 Jones was appointed as the “Green Jobs Czar” for the Obama administration. His appointment only lasted for a few months, and he was ousted after he was exposed having ties with a radical Maoist group and for supporting Mumia Abu-Jamal; a radical who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia cop in 1981. Like much of Eby’s career, Jones’ career has been focussed around criticising the police (while ignoring violent protesters). Van Jones was a prominent supporter of Occupy Wall Street.

cStreet run's Van Jones's web campaign...

cStreet run’s Van Jones’s web campaign…

Erin Weir is an economist with the Steelworker’s Union, an organization with deep Marxist roots whose founder was said to be an agent for Josef Stalin. The Steelworker’s hall in Toronto was ground zero for the militants during the G20, and hosted events and training weekends for Occupy Toronto. Weir publicly supported the Occupy movement, which wasn’t a surprise considering it was being led by big labour. cstreet managed online presence for Weir’s campaign for head of the Saskatchewan NDP.

Olivia Chow is currently the NDP Member of Parliament for Toronto’s Trinity-Spadina riding and the widow of late NDP leader Jack Layton (who was no stranger to anarchists). Chow was an enthusiastic supporter of Occupy Toronto, and rode there with her bike (on which she keeps a stolen plastic milk carton, great example for the kids).

cStreet also manage online services for the Peterborough NDP in Ontario.

cStreet’s Activists and NGO’s:


On Sunday, Canadian superstar musician Neil Young will start a week long cross-country tour performing concerts in support of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Legal Defense fund. Fort Chipewyan sits near the heart of the Alberta oil sands, and home to Eriel Deranger (who wears the Love Is The Movement tattoo).

Deranger is a professional activist who was birthed by professional activists. Her parents were both members of the American Indian Movement (Hollyhock/Greenpeace International founder Rex Weyler wrote a book on AIM), and were present during the shoot-out at Wounded Knee. In 2009 Deranger was part of a group of protesters who interrupted Parliament, she was accompanied by Dave Vasey and Chelsea Flook. Vasey led the union/NGO affiliate takeover of Occupy Toronto, Flook did the same at Occupy Edmonton- all three share same tattoo.


Brigette Depape and Clayton Thomas-Muller at Powershift

Brigette Depape and Clayton Thomas-Muller at Powershift

Shit Harper Does is a website built and run by cStreet, and led by superstar union affiliated activists Brigette DePape and Sean Devlin- both got a lot of attention on Monday as part of a stunt interrupting Stephen Harper. DePape has been active the Ontario Common Front, a union led group that includes many of the people who took leadership at Occupy Toronto. Harsha Walia is on the organizations’s board of directors.

DePape was highly active during the Occupy movement, visiting several encampments across the country. She was also present at planning meetings during the late phases (post-encampment) of Occupy Toronto. DePape’s function With Idle No More is mostly focussed on promoting their fundraising efforts.

Crystal Lameman and Noam Chomsky

Crystal Lameman and Noam Chomsky (Speaker at the 2003 World Social Forum)

The Tar Sands Trial is a website built by cStreet to raise money for anti oil-sands legal activities of the Beaver Lake Cree. Crystal Lameman is the campaign’s most visible figure, Lameman is listed as a community organizer at Sierra Club Prairie Chapter (Chelsea Flook is the Director, Eriel Deranger worked there too).

Money earned by the Tar Sands Trial is sent through the Raven Trust, an indigenous focused NGO where Clayton Thomas-Muller sits on the board.


All Roads Lead To Hollyhock & TIDES:

Hollyhock, a New Age retreat with more fake Pulitzer's than any other...

Hollyhock, a New Age retreat with more fake Pulitzer’s than any other…

What do Your Humble Narrator, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Eriel Deranger, Brigette DePape, Judy Rebick, Van Jones, David Eby, Joel Solomon, Linda Solomon and David Suzuki all have in common? They’ve all stayed at Hollyhock, a TIDES funded new age resort (with plenty of plastic shaman) in Cortes Island BC. All but the former attended Hollyhock’s Social Change Institute, Your Humble Narrator infiltrated Hollyhock for the entire month of January 2012 as part of his investigation into the influences of foreign foundations.

Hollyhock was founded by Rex Weyler, a self-proclaimed co-founder of Greenpeace International (which has been contested). Weyler, along with Joel Solomon’s sister Linda (editor of the Vancouver Observer) both hold the distinction of claiming to have been Pulitzer nominees (but they aren’t).

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson owns a beautiful piece of property a short step away from Hollyhock and he’s the past treasurer of the Hollyhock farm. Vivian Krause reported in 2011 how TIDES purchased the land beside Robertson’s house and donated it to the regional government to be use as parkland (no doubt, increasing the value of his land).

While on Cortes Island, one of the residents told Your Humble Narrator a little known (and rather amusing) fact. Cortes has a very small population (about 450 people in the winter) and Hollyhock has the largest residential facility on the island. With all those people, Hollyhock creates a lot of excrement (and not only from the plastic shaman) – their neighbours have strong concerns about the environmental impact.

Wait, isn’t this ground zero for the people who are trying to save the world?

Deep Roots In The Democratic Party & American Power:

Linda Solomon with US powerbroker Senator Tip O'Neill

Linda Solomon with US powerbroker Senator Tip O’Neill

Joel Solomon and his sister Linda (both Hollyhockers) grew-up in a family with deep roots in the Democratic Party. Their father Jay Solomon was credited with helping to bring Jimmy Carter into office, and was later made chief of the General Services Administration (but quickly fired, he wasn’t right for the job). Van Jones worked for President Obama.

The deeper one digs into the relationships behind radical and militant professional protesters the more ties one finds to TIDES and other powerful Democrat aligned foundations. These foundations have historically worked very closely with the US government to help execute foreign policy objectives. TIDES has partnered with the Consultative Group for Biological Diversity led by USAID, a government agency recently thrown out of Russia (and a few other countries) for spying.

With all our land and resources, Canada is one of the most valuable prizes in the world. It’s foolish to imagine that countries like the US and China aren’t trying to manipulate Canada to their advantage- of course they are! Adding insult to injury, they’re appropriating indigenous causes to help further their own. It’s a new form of colonization, only this time financed by American billionaires rather than the Crown.

Sierra Club exec Chelsea Flook's Love Is The Movement tattoo...

Sierra Club exec Chelsea Flook’s Love Is The Movement tattoo…



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