More Blatant Anti-Semitism From The Occupy/Decolonize Crowd (Feat. Cathy Walker & Nicole Lebrasseur)

Cathy Walker & Davin Ouimet (and their baby) stopping a moving train in sub-zero temperatures

Cathy Walker & Davin Ouimet (and their baby) stopping a moving train in sub-zero temperatures

If you were following this site last summer then you’re probably familiar with Davin Ouimet (a.k.a. Davyn Calfchild) and his partner Cathy Walker. The couple received national exposure after being featured on Sun News for their participation in the Occupy Toronto Livestream fundraiser- an event that turned out to be one of the most vile and openly racist broadcasts of year.

Ouimet (who is half native and half Yemeni) is one of the most overtly racist people Your Humble Narrator has crossed paths with in this country- he’s been caught hating on people of colour, Mexicans, Jews, Italians, whites and Chinese. Cathy Walker was beside Ouimet throughout his bursts of racist hate and (outside mimicking Chinese people) she generally came across as a voice of reason- often criticising and telling him to stop.

So, is Cathy Walker genuinely anti-racist, or is she just doing an okay job hiding it?

She's a racist...

She’s a racist…

Like Cathy and Davin, Nicole Lebrasseur is another person who was active during Occupy. Nicole leads Decolonize North America, a shoot-off of Occupy that mixes indigenous issues with Truther anti New World Order ideology. Much like con-artist Kevin Annett claimed to do (but never did) Lebrasseur’s group filed an actual lawsuit against the Queen and the Pope in 2011, only to learn that it’s not possible to sue the Queen or the Pope- both have immunity.

Earlier this afternoon Lebrasseur posted an article on her Facebook page, celebrating the fact the SodaStream corporation’s stock had fallen by 3.3 percent (it’s since bounced back) after the company was criticised by Oxfam for locating their factory on disputed Palestinian territory. The radicals have been on an outright crusade against SodaStream for several months now- even though they employ 400 Palestinians (who the radicals want to put out of work).

It didn’t take long for Cathy Walker to jump into the conversation and post her response:

“Islamic group [sic] need to start taking Hollywood away from the Jews”

A couple minutes later Lebrasseur chimed-in, affirming Walker’s blatant anti-Semitism:

“no shit, huh? but they OWN it all…brain washing the masses…”

There’s not much one can say to this kind of racist ignorance, to call it shameful would be to do a disservice to the people Walker and Labrasseur are targeting with their hate. Canadians have progressed well-past the point where this behaviour is acceptable. Both actors in this hatefest claim to be social justice activists- they’re making a mockery out of the people who are working towards positive change.

Update On Davin Ouimet:

Ezra Levant's expose on the Indignants was one his best shows last year..

Ezra Levant’s expose on the Indignants was one his best shows last year..

Davin Ouimet has a date in criminal court on Thursday morning, facing charges for allegedly getting belligerent and resisting a couple of police officers this summer. His supporters on the left all claim to be anti-racists, but they somehow ignore Davin’s history and project it onto others- in the case of the above screenshot, they’re calling the police officer who arrested him a racist (cheapening the fight against actual racism).

Your Humble Narrator will be in the courtroom on Thursday and will be covering Ouimet’s trial. Stay tuned for more information. Until then, here’s a video of Davin’s racist attack on a black police officer. Real classy…

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