Ontario’s Craziest Maoist Leads Anti-Gentrification Tent City In Kitchener (Feat. Julian Ichim)

Julian Ichim: One of Ontario's most icky 'activists'

Julian Ichim: One of Ontario’s most icky ‘activists’

Julian Ichim is one of Ontario’s most icky activists. A Maoist, who puts an inordinate amount of effort on anti-police initiatives, Ichim first came to public attention during the 2010 Toronto G20- where he was arrested, and later charged for breaking a publication ban by publishing the name of an undercover cop. Ichim is a real charmer, the type of guy idiot who goes as far as interrupting Remembrance day ceremonies.

Well, Ichim is at it again. Yesterday he and his followers held an anti-gentrification march through the city, terminating at Victoria Park where they setup a tent city. Good times for the people of Kitchener!

30 people marched through the streets, but they only put up 5 tents- so, it’s not quite like Occupy. But the group plans to replicate Occupy with workshops, and the traditional Kumbaya. And, like Occupy, Ichim had a message for the police:

“If the police try to remove us for expressing our democratic right to protest then we will not back down, we have a right to be here.”

Ichim is no stranger to being pulled-out of places by police and security, it’s practically his reason d’etre. In fact, his focus is so often on the police, one has to wonder if he leads protests like this to bait them to arrest him. Stay tuned for more as the story develops- until then, enjoy this video of Ichim carrying a banner of Chairman Mao while leading chants about shooting and killing the “pigs”….

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