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Liberal MP Hedy Fry’s Political Hackery Cheapens The Pro-Choice Debate (Feat. Jim Hillyer)

Today’s article will be short and sweet, asking a simple question- does Vancouver Liberal MP Hedy Fry misunderstand the workings of democracy, or is she just a grandstanding political hack? This of course is a trick question, our political system eventually turns most of our representatives into hacks. And, unfortunately, this leaves many unabashed to twist …

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[Satire] Breaking News From Kevin Annett And The ITCCS! (Feat. Stromboli)

BREAKING NEWS Disney star STROMBOLI is found guilty of the murder of 24 marionettes Kevin D Annett Assistant to the Prosecutors Office ITCCS Brussels. In the Matter of The People v Stromboli (Case Docket No. 18072014-236) The Judgement of the Magistrates of the Court, including the majority decision with with one dissenting opinion

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“Six Nations” Line 9 Occupation Ends With A Whimper…

Protests against Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal started with a bang when a group of militant anarchists (including a convicted G20 ringleader) occupied a pumping station in Westover, Ontario in 2013. The protests began to fizzle out after the first protest- first there were a series of 1-day occupations (with no arrests), and now the …

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Six Nations HDI Director Calls Kathleen Wynne “Ballsy”, Elder Asks Where The Money Went

The small town of Caledonia, Ontario has been host to a lot of trouble in the past. If you’re not familiar with the story, the quick version is that a group of union backed radicals terrorized the town in response to a dodgy land dispute over a plot of land that was to be called Douglas …

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Breaking: “Six Nations” Occupy Line 9 In North Dumfries (Feat. Dave Vasey & Trish Mills)

A short while ago Rising Tide Toronto sent out an alert that “a group of individuals from the Six Nations & their allies” have occupied a Line 9 maintenance site in North Dumfries. Pictures that are circulating indicate that at least four indigenous protesters are on-site, and some familiar anarchist “settler allies”. Rising Tides’ alert says …

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