[Satire] Breaking News From Kevin Annett And The ITCCS! (Feat. Stromboli)

Stromboli: Guilty as charged!

Stromboli: Guilty as charged!

BREAKING NEWS Disney star STROMBOLI is found guilty of the murder of 24 marionettes Kevin D Annett Assistant to the Prosecutors Office ITCCS Brussels.

In the Matter of The People v Stromboli (Case Docket No. 18072014-236)

The Judgement of the Magistrates of the Court, including the majority decision with with one dissenting opinion

Issued in Chambers Wednesday 22nd July 2014

The court would like to thank Pinocchio for being the star witness at this trial.

The unanimous Judgement of the Court is that Stromboli has been convicted and is guilty as charged of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity,for the murder of marionettes.His guilt has been ably presented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.The refusal of the Defendant to respond to a lawful Summons, to deny or refute the charges against him, or to present a counter case in their own defense, compelled the Court to consider his silence as a de facto pro confesso plea in which his guilt was established by his refusal to enter a plea. Precedent has established that pro confesso – which is the refusal of a defendant to plea in a case of profound importance – provides the basis for the lawful conviction and deposing of rulers of puppets,muppets and marionettes.

1. The Defendant STROMBOLI is guilty as charged on 24 counts dismemberment,murder and the destruction of the bodies of these 24 marionettes by burning their bodies.

2. The Defendant is sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or pardon, and to the forfeiture of his assets, property and authority.

3. The sworn Sheriffs of the Court and their affiliated Direct Action Units, established by the Court on June 28, 2014, are ordered to immediately arrest and imprison the Defendant at facilities provided by the Court, and to seize his property and assets. The public is asked to assist the Sheriffs in this task. An open ended International Citizens’ Arrest Warrant will be issued by the Court against the convicted persons within 48 hours of this judgement.

4. The Court will produce a full public statement making it clear that the basis for its conviction of the Defendant lay entirely in the hard evidence of their guilt, and that his refusal to plea, and hence the pro confesso judgement, was a contributing factor but not the basis of the guilty sentence.

5.The Court will establish an ongoing Permanent Inquiry to investigate and prosecute others involved in the crimes proven in this case and contained in the permanent Court record. This Inquiry shall be entitled The Permanent Commission into Murdering Puppets,Muppets and Marionettes and will have the power to subpoena and arrest, and adjudicate cases before the Court. The Commission will be international in scope, have no time restriction, and will seek cooperation from governments, international agencies and police forces with the aim of prosecuting and stopping forever the murder of puppets,muppets and marionettes.

6. To protect this Commission, its witnesses, officers and evidence, the Court record from the case of The People v Stromboli all will remain sealed for now, along with the identity of the witnesses (except Pinocchio) and Court officers, with the exception of that permitted by the special and unanimous authorization of the Court. The Jury members who were involved in proceedings thus far are relieved of their duties and thanked for their efforts.

7. This concludes the case of The People v Stromboli

Issued by the Judicial Council of The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels 22nd July, 2014

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