Burnaby Pipeline Protesters Go After “The Man” By Attacking The Working Man (Feat. Mia “Gandhi” Nissen)

Mia Nissen: Compared herself to Gandhi in fake hunger strike

Mia Nissen: Compared herself to Gandhi in fake hunger strike

Mia Nissen is a clear case of what happens when an activist goes off the rails. Her first 15 minutes of fame came in January when the (dodgy) Vancouver Observer quoted Nissen comparing herself to Gandhi at the start of a “hunger strike” (7 days of fasting). Nissen locked her neck to the gate at Chevron’s Burnaby, BC refinery in May- continuing her mockery of the great Indian leader, she partnered with Dan Wallace, a man who openly promotes violence.

Things didn’t work out so well for Nissen after that protest; the RCMP let them walk away without charges, but Chevron has stepped in and is demanding the court takes action. The trial is scheduled for September 8th, most average people would probably tone things down at this point; not Nissen, instead, she’s decided to double-down on the crazy

But this time, rather than sticking it to “the man” with acts of economic sabotage, she’s decided to take her anger out on the working man.

Yesterday there was a “big” protest against Kinder Morgan in Burnaby. Well, not that big really, despite the (misleading) story in the Vancouver Observer, less than 20 people appeared to show up. Nissen was there yesterday when she took the opportunity to join up with some friends and chase down Kinder Morgan workers with her video camera.

While her friend yelled into a bullhorn, and they both chased after the workers, Nissen rather hypocritically accused the workers of being bullies:

“Do you think the city is going to stop us, they don’t want you hear either. They’re in court trying to stop you right now. You’re a bunch of bullies, trying to bore a hole through this mountain- over my dead body.”

Then, in what could be perceived as an effort to show how far she’s run off the rails, Nissen decided to use profanity and a sexualized slur :

“I live up here, I work up her, nobody wants you here- except for your f##king big oil barons- bent over for your f##king oil barons- shame!” 

This is your brain on militant environmentalism…

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