May Day Violence: Assault Charges Laid, More Thugs Identified! (Feat. Harsha Walia & Jakub Markiewicz)

Harsha Walia standing at the front of the police line

Dan Wallace & Harsha Walia standing at the front of the police line

In our last story about the Vancouver’s May Day celebrations we covered the violence that occurred when a group of thugs got into a clash with the police on Commercial Drive. The mayhem started when the thugs opened their “dance party” on the street, Vancouver Police told the crowd to stay off of the street but they ignored and began swarming around the cops.

Standing in front of the police line was a character well-known to readers of this website, Dan Wallace who openly called for people to use violence against the police at the 2014 May Day march. Standing behind the cops was a line of people carrying a “We Love This Coast” banner, a group led by Vancouver anarchist Shirley Samples. A video of the event showed how the cops looked visibly nervous/uncomfortable as both sides pushed their way into the police line, some (including Wallace) raising their fists and showing aggression.

New information has come available since the last story was written exposing two other actors who were involved in the May Day mayhem. Both have been covered by this website for their militant antics. The first, Harsha Walia, is Canada’s most prominent promoter of the “Black Bloc” style violence we saw at the 2010 Olympics and this year’s May Day. The other is a young man who has obviously drank too much of the former’s militant flavour of Kool-Aid- can you guess which of the two is currently sitting behind bars?

As explained in the last May Day story, the thugs had a large speaker system they were rolling around on a dolly. When the police setup their line trying to stop the protesters from blocking the street the thugs with the speaker system rolled it right up to the cops and began blasting F##k The Police in their faces. In most countries this would be the point where the police began beating on the thugs- this being Vancouver, they did their best to keep calm and hold the line.

Dan Wallace was standing at the front of the line with his drum, at one point he held up his fist at the cops. A new video was released on YouTube last week by someone going by the name of “Bear” titled “May Day 2015 in so called Vancouver, BC” gives us a more complete view of what went on that evening:

Unlike the previous video, this one exposed the presence of Harsha Walia, leader of No One Is Illegal Vancouver. After the Black Bloc style mayhem during the 2010 Olympics Walia held a debate where she went as far as to label people who “de-arrest” protesters (violently pull them away from the police) as “deeply heroic”.

Walia appears in the new video a couple of times. You can see her yelling at the cops at 06:15, followed by a group of her compatriots yelling out “f##k the police”- classy! Of course Walia’s job isn’t to get arrested, it’s to set the stage for her fellow thugs to bash into the police and for them to get arrested. We saw her taking the same role while orchestrating the arrests of David Suzuki’s family at Burnaby Mountain last year.

The Rise & Fall Of Jakub Markiewicz:

Tamp Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

David Suzuki’s grandson Tamo Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Jakub Markiewicz is a nineteen year old man who also uses the alias George Khossi. Markiewicz first came to public attention in 2012 when he was arrested at Burnaby’s Metrotown Mall after taking pictures of security officers arresting someone. Markiewicz was asked to stop taking pictures and the mall cops asked him to erase them (something they aren’t allowed to do). Ignoring their request, Markiewicz decided to take more pictures- shortly after he found himself in the back of an RCMP cruiser. He was later released without charges.

Jakub’s next fifteen minutes of fame happened at last year’s May Day march. This time he was on his bike, following Dan Wallace and his fellow thugs as they clashed with police. The video makes it unclear what happened at the moment Jakub was arrested, it only shows him being thrown down to the ground an apparently resisting arrest as the police took him into custody. Once again, the police ended up releasing him without charges.

Jakub’s next moment of fame came during last year’s protests on Burnaby Mountain. He quickly became on of the protest’s more visible characters and one of the few protesters to be arrested more than once. His first arrest came after Kinder Morgan’s injunction was issues. Jakub was tree-sitting, so the RCMP to bring special equipment and trained specialists (who faced risk of personal injury) to bring him down. Refusing to walk on his own, the cops dragged him away on what looked like a medical stretcher- as the below picture appears to show, Jakub continued resisting arrest even after the cops brought him down to their van.

Jakub Markiewicz arrested on Burnaby Mountain...

Jakub Markiewicz arrested on Burnaby Mountain…

Not satisfied with a single arrest, Jakub was back up on Burnaby Mountain a couple of days later when he threw himself under one of Kinder Morgan’s trucks. Jakub was a little more shy this time, using the pseudonym George Khossi instead of his real name. Curiously, none of the media bothered to verify his real name. It’s an excellent example of how many Canadian journalists regurgitate protester’s tall tales without checking the facts.

Jakub under a Kinder Morgan truck...

Jakub under a Kinder Morgan truck…

There’s not a lot of information available yet about Jakub’s May Day arrest. We’ve seen the videos of thugs pushing their way into the police line, some holding up their fists, and many trying to intimidate the police. Jakub was running with strange and dangerous bedfellows on Burnaby Mountain- now he’s paying the price, locked-up at the North Fraser Pretrial facility. Jakub is facing four assault charges (one with a weapon, another against a peace officer), and one charge of uttering threats.

Quite the rap sheet...

Quite the rap sheet…

Crowdfunding For Degenerates, By Degenerates, From Degenerates:


Regardless of how despicable their alleged crimes are, it’s customary that when a protester is arrested that fellow protesters will setup “court solidarity” actions. Jakub’s was setup by Adam Gold, a fellow Burnaby Mountain protester (who was named on Kinder Morgan’s lawsuit), who was also arrested at a 2014 Chevron protest with Dan Wallace. Gold recently made and astounding (and incorrect) statement about Jakub on his Facebook page saying:

“For simply photographing police, he has been assaulted, thrown to the ground, and has had his photographic equipment stolen multiple times by law enforcement agencies.”

Gold made another posting on May 15th describing the challenges he faced trying to setup a fundraiser for Jakub’s legal fees. GofundMe apparently declined to accept a fundraiser for someone charged with assaulting a police officer:

Adam Gold was arreste on Burnaby Mountain twice

Adam Gold was arrested on Burnaby Mountain twice

After facing other problems setting up a fundraiser on he apparently passed the job over to Mia Nissen. Nissen is a crazy who once compared herself to Gandhi after taking a seven day fast, she was also arrested with Dan Wallace and Adam Gold at a protest against Chevron.

Mia "Gandhi" Nissen leads the fundraiser...

Mia “Gandhi” Nissen leads the fundraiser…

Bringing the old gang of anti-oil degenerates together, the fundraiser has already received funds from two high profile nubars extremists activists. Stephen Collis is a nutty professor from Simon Fraser University with a habit of appropriating indigenous voice, he was also one of the people named in Kinder Morgan’s lawsuit for the Burnaby Mountain protests.

jakub-markiewicz-fundraiser-stephen-collis-sft-simon-fraser-universityBob Ages is on the executive of the Council of Canadians. He’s a supporter of the Diversity of Tactics doctrine (meaning, activist violence is okay), led fundraising efforts for the violent Unist’ot’en Camp, and was directly responsible for bringing the Black Bloc into the 2010 Olympic protests.

Will Jakub Snitch?


Posting from Jakub’s Tumblr account

Locked-up and facing some serious charges, Jakub is in big trouble. There’s no doubt that the police are talking with him trying to learn more about his dangerous bedfellows. The question now is, will he snitch on his fellow protesters? He might have information on some higher value (to the police) activists like Walia, or David Suzuki’s grandson Tamo Campos who’s being watched closely by the RCMP.


Time will tell, but his history appears to indicate he’s too far radicalised to do that. His response to Campos’ posting about being tracked by the RCMP wasn’t encouraging- “Expose those f##ks”. There’s also a recent posting on his Tumblr account where he called on people to “mask-up” and promoted Diversity of Tactics- also not encouraging.

Jakub’s next court date is on Thursday, stay tuned for more updates as the story progresses. Oh, and if you’re planning to go to the trial, wear red! It appears that Jacob might be trying to turn himself into a martyr (or, he’s being coached)…


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