[Updated] Canadian Social Justice Warriors Promote Sex Tourism Guru (Feat. Roosh Valizadeh)

Montreal's AnarchoPanda   promotes sex tourism guru...

Montreal’s AnarchoPanda promotes sex tourism guru…

Update: Despite the slacktivist’s efforts Roosh Valizadeh has arrived in Canada without any problems at the border.

After a quick scan of his work, I get the feeling that Roosh Valizadeh is a bit of a douchebag. Roosh is a pickup artist guru with a twist- he not only promises to teach lonely men how to pickup women in their hometown, he also gives advice how to score in cities and countries around the world.

Roosh’s blog entry 5 Things You Should Know About Russia reads like Pando.com contributor Mark Ames’ now defunct Moscow newspaper The Exile– tired old advice on how to get into Moscow clubs and into the трусики of Russian women. What he doesn’t explain in his comparison of Moscow and Ukrainian women is why the latter were easier for him to exploit. Many of their lives are so miserable they’re desperate enough to escape that they’ll lower their standards to the likes of Roosh Valizadeh.

The guru’s entry on why Toronto is The Worst City In North America For Men paints a different picture- the vast majority of women here live safe and comfortable lives and aren’t desperate enough to hook-up with Roosh. Many Canadian women are understandably angry with Roosh, so it’s no surprise his upcoming visit would be met some resistance- a coalition of feminists, anarchists, and a panda bear have already declared war.

The most active response to Roosh’s visit has come from the slacktivist crowd. Three weeks ago BC based activist Sarah Parker-Toulson set up a Change.com petition to ban him from entering the country, over 12,000 people have signed. The petition claims that Roosh’s “hate-based, and the hateful misogynistic views that he is coming to Canada to disseminate are likely to breach public peace”.

Regardless of the distastefulness of his message, it’s more likely that the people protesting Roosh will breach the public peace than it is that his followers will. Militant Montreal anarchists have jumped onto the anti-Roosh cause quicker than Justin Trudeau on a topless young девушка at a Pride parade. The infamous Anarchopanda has promised to give Roosh “the Montreal welcome you deserve”.

When sensible people meet jerks like Roosh they usually just politely say no- like trolls, the best strategy for pickup artists is to avoid feeding them. But few have accused Canadian social justice warriors of being sensible, nor of being able to resist the temptation for self-promotion.

They’ve instead given the guy more free publicity than he could have ever paid for- stories have appeared in the CBC, Montreal Gazette, and across the blogosphere. Roosh has no problem with this, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He’s using the battle to help spread his word to a wider audience. And that’s unfortunate, particularly for young women in Ukraine who will inevitably have to endure more visits from assholes like Roosh.


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