350.org Hypocrite Jets To NYC, Drinks Bottled Water From Fiji (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

Save the Planet, drink Fiji bottled water!

Save the Planet, drink Fiji bottled water!

In his book Diet For A Hot Planet, 350.org leader Bill McKibben warned his readers about the dangers of bottled water to the planet claiming:

“…ask yourself, do we really need to be shipping water into the United States from Fiji? When Fiji Water ads boasted “Fiji, because it’s not bottled in Cleveland,” that city ran tests that compared it with municipal samples it turned out that Fiji water fared worse; it contained arsenic as well as higher levels of contaminants.”

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know that it’s not a good idea to drink bottled water, and you don’t need to be a scientist to realize the carbon impact of shipping water from Fiji to New York City is higher than taking it from the tap. I’m neither a professional environmentalist, nor a scientist, but made a conscious decision years ago that I’d avoid Fiji water- it just doesn’t make sense to buy the stuff.

But that didn’t stop 350.org professional protester Clayton Thomas-Muller, one of the first things he did on arriving in NYC was to get himself one of their delicious pastrami & provolone sandwiches (my favourite) with a side order of bottled Fiji water! The irony here is that in the water quality ratings of American cities, NYC is right near the top at 13th place- Cleveland, which McKibben claims to have a higher water quality than Fiji water comes in right near the bottom at 72nd.

Clayton Thomas-Muller, like his friends in the Love Is The Movement tattoo cult, and fellow signatories of the Leap Manifesto is a hypocrite. A dangerous one too…

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