Occupy myself…

Something enormous is happening inside of me, I can’t wait to share it with you all.

But, first, I have to very special girls to take care of.  Spent my night building dioramas to remind them both how much they mean to me.

Love you all…

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Is The Pope Catholic?

Globe & Mail:  “Vancouver fire officials say Occupy site isn’t safe”

Vancouver Sun: “We are co-operating,’ Occupy protesters say – and fire chief agrees”

 CBC:Occupy Vancouver complies with fire chief’s demands”
Dear MSM,

Are you F#$%ING kidding me?

Of course, camping is a risky business for the  unprepared.  We all understand that. This is what motivated us to engage the VFD to create a fire plan!

You are missing the real story here- that people in our movement are willing to endure great discomfort, and accept physical/social/economic risks  in exchange for a free democracy!

What is your personal contribution?

Occupy Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal/Calgary/Edmonton/Moncton/Victoria/Moscow/Wall Street /Zimbabwe /Mars….

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Why Does Media Coop Keep Releasing Agitation?

Why does the Media Coop keep publishing videos that allude to police violence or violence towards the police? Is this sort of subversion not illegal? What is their connection to Harsha Walia? And what is the connection with W2?

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Say What?

Folks, I’m scared.

I’ve unwittingly stumbled onto something about Occupy Vancouver that may just be the most important story about this movement yet.  If you read my article Titled Yellow Card you’ll know the story. Harsha Walia is the person who injected the term “Uunceded coast salish territory” into our statement of unity- possibly the most divisive issue ever to hit the OV.

Will follow-up more soon but, for now, please have a look at this video. If you have any information that can help me with this, I’d appreciate if you could share.  There are still a few missing puzzle pieces missing.  If you have any information that you think may be helpful, please let me know.

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A Media Tip From the CBC

I ran over to the VAG on Monday afternoon, ran to the bus about 5 minutes after I saw the video from Sunday night’s kerfuffle over a certain ‘sacred’ fire- more about that on my next post…

Ian Hanomansing was there interviewing people for the CBC’s evening news show ‘The National’. He spent some time talking with us after the camera was turned off, and shared a bit of useful advice.

He talked about the Robert Dziekański incident- a situation where the RCMP tazed a Polish immigrant for the crime of not speaking English. When interviewed, before it was known there was a video tape available, the officers fed the press with a lot of BS. Once the video came out, it was obvious they were lying.

His advice was that the press judge people’s integrity by the gap between what they say about the incident, and what the video shows actually occurred. Good advice, and a very sly way of saying GOTCHA to the people he interviewed!

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