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Weasel Love: Doreen Agostino & Jason Bowman Hook-Up!

  There’s some ‘must see’ (well, hear) radio on Wednesday evening. Jason Bowman will be appearing on Doreen Agostino’s show titled Align Shine Prosper. You may remember Doreen as the person who said at Jason Bowman’s press conference that the legal action was possibly the most important case in the history of mankind. Or, something …

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The Evidence on Kevin Annett: Bank Transfer Receipts To His Dad…

Lydia White Calf is the wife of a residential school survivor who put a lot of her time and energy into supporting Kevin Annett. She has given him 10’s of thousands of dollars to fund his personal expenses, travel expenses and the printing of his self-published books. Over time, Lydia realized that Kevin was not …

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Another One Of Jason Bowman’s Infamous Love Letters!

You may remember back in July when Jason Bowman wrote a love letter to WordPress about me. It was my first taste of what I’ll forever label as a ‘Legal Bowmanism’- meaning, a set of┬álegalese style words bunched in together in a blathering attempt to sound like it was written by a lawyer. If ever …

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Open Letter To Jason Bowman (feat. Kevin Annett)

cc: Law Society of Upper Canada cc: Ontario RCMP cc: Kevin Annett Jason, I’d never heard of you until you hooked-up with Kevin Annett- neither had anyone I know. That said, some people who have been following your antics have come to me since that time. Apparently, you’ve been making a fool of yourself for …

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Fresh News: Kevin Annett Keeps On Lying!

Some people, many who used to be Annett supporters (and a couple who still are) were in a conversation on Facebook about his latest shameful performance yesterday. It was an interesting thread, I learned that Kevin has labelled Max Radico of Grasshopper media as an ‘agent’. Yep, another person labelled as an agent! The only …

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