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CBC Winnipeg Targets Family Owned Startup Over Half-Baked Gripe About Racist Typo

Halloween has passed, and as this site predicted on October 2nd, the media was overflowing with criticism of politically incorrect costumes- the CBC published almost a dozen. CBC Regina reported on a teacher who was “really surprised” an American company sold “inappropriate” costumes and subsequently showed them to her elementary school students. CBC BC reported on …

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Green Party Candidate Funds Racist’s Astroturf Attack On First Nation’s Democracy (Feat. Lisa Barrett)

Correction: This story mistakenly said Flores Island is on the East coast of Vancouver Island, it’s on the West.Elizabeth May and the Green Party have made indigenous issues at the centre of all they do. May tells us that a Green government would work tirelessly to accelerate First Nations reconciliation, prioritize land claim and treaty …

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A Very Merry Unist’ot’en Christmas! (Feat. David Suzuki)

The Unist’ot’en camp is a protest camp in northern BC, mostly led by anarchists and militant NGOs with a couple local indigenous people. Despite their claims to be fighting “colonialism”, the camp runs under Indian Act protocols- meaning, the money is paternalistically managed by their white “settler ally” NGO friends. The RCMP views them as an …

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Ojibwe Girl Refuses Cancer Treatment, Radical Agitators Chomping At The Bit For War (Feat. Two Row Times)

A video was released this week of a an 11 year old indigenous girl explaining her intention to forego chemotherapy and instead rely on ‘traditional medicines”. Doctors say the child would have an 80% chance of survival if she continued with her treatment; she was 11 weeks into it before deciding to give up. She claims …

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More Blatant Anti-Semitism From The Occupy/Decolonize Crowd (Feat. Cathy Walker & Nicole Lebrasseur)

If you were following this site last summer then you’re probably familiar with Davin Ouimet (a.k.a. Davyn Calfchild) and his partner Cathy Walker. The couple received national exposure after being featured on Sun News for their participation in the Occupy Toronto Livestream fundraiser- an event that turned out to be one of the most vile …

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