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Anarchists For Andrew Cash!

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UofT Hate Party: The Socialist Party Of Ontario Waffles On Free Speech Rights (feat. Michael Laxer)

In April that I wrote a story about a radical fringe group of Canada’s New Democratic Party called the Waffle. They were an obedience cult who enforced their members to keep the party line through a deeply invasive and humiliating set of tactics including whispering campaigns and group bullying. The Waffle were so entirely off-the-wall that it …

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Who’s Responsible For The University of Toronto’s Anti-Patriarch Hate Party? (feat. Vanja Krajina & the Old-Left)

There’s a global controversy brewing around the University of Toronto right now. It all started on November 16th when a group of radical feminists, anarchists, and some students (who said they were sent by their Women’s Studies class) showed up to blockade people from entering an auditorium.On the other side of the situation was a …

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(Updated) GE-Hitachi: Andrew Cash, Jonah Schein, Anarchists & Flying Squads! (feat. Sid Ryan)

 Update: Anarchist Ashleigh Ingle may have a twin! It’s been brought to my attention that the person I identified as Ashleigh Ingle may have been an assistant to Jonah Schein. If so, there’s an incredible resemblance- right down to their purple framed glasses! I’ve changed the article to remove that information- will write an update …

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W2 Media Centre: TIDES, Renewal, Robertson, Mulcair, Sadomasochists & Conflicts Of Interest…

As I wrote yesterday- Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) has become a power-base for some of the more radical elements of the NDP. The Old-Left Saviour Industrial Complex (OLSIC®) have been profiting off of the poor in a number of ways including political power, union jobs and many millions of dollars in funding. Today’s story is …

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