UofT Hate Party: The Socialist Party Of Ontario Waffles On Free Speech Rights (feat. Michael Laxer)

Michael Laxer: A Guy Who Protects Censorship...

Michael Laxer: Red Diaper Poster Boy For The Old-Left…

In April that I wrote a story about a radical fringe group of Canada’s New Democratic Party called the Waffle. They were an obedience cult who enforced their members to keep the party line through a deeply invasive and humiliating set of tactics including whispering campaigns and group bullying. The Waffle were so entirely off-the-wall that it didn’t take long for them to be ejected from the NDP.

Some former Waffleites came together and created the International Socialist Organization (ISO)- a Marxist / Trotskyite (pro-violence) obedience cult who publish the Socialist Worker. There are a lot of recognizable names connected to the IS: York University Professor David McNally, Con-Artist Kevin Annett (one of the original members), and the Council of Canadians.

The ISO sponsored the hate party...

The ISO sponsored the hate party…

Two of the people behind the Waffle were Robert Laxer and his son James Laxer. James had a son named Michael Laxer- a man who has the honour of writing one of Rabble.ca’s most incredible stories since Krystalline Kraus covered Kevin Annett’s claim of using an exorcism make a tornado hit the Vatican

The Laxer family as been involved in radical Marxist/Trotskyite politics since at least the early 1930’s when Robert joined the Communist party of Canada. He got his doctorate of psychology at the UofT, was an associate professor at the radical Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), and was appointed by Pierre Trudeau to the board of the state-owned oil company Petro-Canada. Robert was also active in the Council of Canadians.

James Laxer write a book about his childhood as a Red Diaper Baby. He ran, and failed for the leadership of the NDP in 1971. He ran for parliament, and failed, in 1974.  He was hired as the director of research for the NDP in 1981, but left in 1983 after criticising their policies as ‘out of date’. (Criticism isn’t popular in the NDP)

Michael Laxer is less accomplished than his father & grandfather- he runs a bookstore. He ran for City Councilor in 2010 and got a whopping 3.543% of the vote. He also failed the Ontario NDP after losing elections in 2000 & 2003. He later repeated the history of his father & grandfather- starting a group called the Ginger Project, breaking up with the NDP, and founding The Socialist Party of Ontario.

As I’ve said, Laxter’s article about the UofT Hate Party a little bit out there- even for Rabble.ca. What happened that night was that a group of radical anarchist & (fringe) feminist thugs came to block people from entering a lecture by a Men’s Right’s author named Warren Farrell. The protesters swore and insulted the police and ticket holders, blocked the entrance, and got into a shoving match with the police.

The UofT’s Provost’s office released a letter saying that what happened that night was an offence to principles of free speech. Most, reasonable, people understand this- but, for Laxter, things looked a whole lot different…

First, he takes an age-old (and past the sell-by date) tactic of implying that there was police brutality. Of course, no details are given, and no complaints have been filed. Someone who was there that day has told me the only time when the police used any force (and they used very little) was when they had to clear the doors of the members of the ISO’s Thought Police who were blocking ticket holders from entering.

Next he presents some of the most malformed logic the world’s seen since the days of Josef Stalin and the 5 year plan:

“While obviously, one might note, disrupting events and civil disobedience are also a fundamental part of free speech and of the historic fight against injustice”

Wait just a minute! Did he just say that blocking someone from speaking is a fundamental part of free speech? What did they put in his waffle that morning- LSD?

God Hates The Socialist Party of Ontario...

God Hates The Socialist Party of Ontario…

If Laxer believes this is true then he’s aligned himself with the Westboro Baptist Church. However, both the people behind the ruckus that night, and Westboro fail a critical test of free speech- do their activities infringe on the rights of others? Blocking auditoriums and disrupting speaking engagements infringes the rights of the people who are speaking.

Oy vey…

Laxer then criticises the UofT for hiring a private investigator to look into the university’s problem with Anarchists during the G20:

“…this is a statement issued by a university administration whose alleged devotion to “free speech” was so great that, during the G20 protests they hired a private investigator whose reports of “people outside of the GSU building wearing “Black Bloc attire”

There are so many things wrong with this:

  1. UofT weren’t interested in the fashion statements- they were trying to identify problems with violent anarchists.
  2. If the anarchists were only planning to speak, they wouldn’t have had to investigate- they planned to (and did) smash up the city.
  3. The UofT Graduate Student Union (GSU) has become a haven for anarchists- as an example, here’s a Zach Ruiter video featuring anarchists at the GSU. (Notice Ashleigh Ingle making a claim of racism)

There’s only one part of Laxer’s article that I agree with- I wrote about it in my article about what happened that day. We shouldn’t be focussing on some of the women identified in the video- we really need to be focussing on the people behind the curtains.

Laxer is the poster boy for the group of Old-Left behind the curtain that night. He’s a privileged man who comes from a family who had power and deep political connections. He’s abusing that privilege by writing outright propaganda that’s sure to be believed by the members of his obedience cult. He’s making a mockery out of the principles of justice and free speech while he’s doing it.

Let’s hope the Socialist Party of Ontario dies quickly…


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