Professor David McNally On Marxisms (feat. Zach Ruiter & The Occupy Hijackers…)

In my very long article on the ruckus at the University of Toronto, I mentioned a professor from York University professor David McNally. In the article I called for him, and others, to take leadership in helping fix Toronto’s problem with group political bullying. Well, less than 24 hours later- anti-nuclear anarchist Zach Ruiter released a video of him interviewing McNally. What great timing…

I wrote an article about McNally back in May- jokingly asking the question of if he’s a Black Bloc “ringleader” (quotes are courtesy of Antonia Zerbisias.)  I asked that question because of the acknowledgement section of McNally’s book Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance. It read like the who’s who of the  anarchist hijackers of the Canadian Occupy movement:


It starts with No One Is Illegal- one of the most vile and disturbing anarcho/Trotskyist ‘activist’ organizations in Canada. One of the leaders of NoII’s Toronto organization recently promoted an idea that people should go shoplifting on Buy Nothing Day. Their Vancouver leader, Harsha Walia, is a feminist leader who once told someone that his views on nonviolence are invalid because he was a privileged white male and she was a ‘woman of colour with multiple systematic barriers’. She was arguing in favour of the violence that Occurred at Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics.

Walia’s pretty close with Naomi Klein- I saw them both together at an anti-condo protest in Vancouver this time last year. It turned out that the protest was less about the condo than it was about expanding union jobs, and making a safe space for crystal meth dealers. Klein is also close with Judy Rebick- a radical feminist professor at Toronto’s Ryerson University who is uncomfortably close with violent anarchists. Rebick is also very well connected in the US Democratic Party circles- including with Bill McKibben of

Trey Winney & Dave Vasey Making Gang Signals At A Common Front Meeting...

Trey Winney & Dave Vasey Making Gang Signals At A Common Front Meeting…

Dave Vasey is very close to Rebick- he even assaulted me once when filming her at a public event. He was the leader of the tightly-knit gang from Toronto’s Old-Left who hijacked Occupy Toronto and converted it into a tool for participating in New Democratic Party (NDP) propaganda. A person still involved with Occupy recently told me that the kidnapping helped Sid Ryan (the head of the Ontario Federation of Labour) win his last election. Ryan assaulted a female reporter during the occupation– he was also part of a post-occupation hijacking of an Occupy event in Ottawa in September.

One thing many of the people on McNally’s acknowledgement have in-common is that they have received funding through George Soros funded organizations including the TIDES Foundation, Sierra Club, and the Ruckus Society. This relationship chart gives a quick picture:

Canadian Occupations Relationship Chart

Canadian Occupations Relationship Chart

McNally was once a leader of a group called the International Socialists- an organization that has been deeply involved with Occupations around the world. Interestingly, one of the very early members of the IS here in Toronto was Kevin Annett– a con artist who has been damaging indigenous communities and people across Canada. A number of people on this chart have promoted Annett’s crimes including Judy Rebick, Sakura Saunders and Krystalline Kraus (a writer for


McNally appeared on CBC right after the G20 and did the most bizarre interview supporting the anarchists. What was odd about it was how he play-acted like he only had an academic understanding of the people behind Black Bloc activities- despite the fact he is very close with many pro-violence anarchists.

A lot of this makes sense when you understand that McNally has been fusing anarchy and Marxism in his academic work.  What I don’t know is if McNally is simply an academic anarchist fetishist, or of there’s something more to the story.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter. He knows what’s happening, and rather than taking actions to fix it, he’s dedicating his book to a gang of bullies. This sort of behaviour is unacceptable- and is the exact reason we need to change our universities rules on tenure…

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