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City Councillor Bills Taxpayers $904 For Partisan Elections Strategy Conference (Feat. Shelley Carroll)

When it comes to expense reports, Shelley Carroll is one of city council’s big spenders- the representative of Ward 33 has little respect for Toronto taxpayers, consistently spending more than average. In November 2010, this website covered her outrageous expenses for building a website created by a militant labour allied company who didn’t even deliver …

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#ShutDownCanada Fails: Small Crowds, Aborted Train Sabotage & Unabashed Racism

In early January Vancouver activist Dan Wallace announced a potentially exciting protest called #ShutDownCanada. The organizer’s goal was to get people to join in from coast-to-coast-to-coast, block critical infrastructure, and “severely impact: the country’s economy”. Adding to the anouncement, Wallace declared the event would “respect diversity of tactics”- activist code that means it’s acceptable if …

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CAW (unifor) Follies Cost London Ontario Taxpayers $13,273 (Feat. The Indignants)

The above letter was posted on Facebook today by Mike Roy of The Indignants. You may remember Roy and the Indignants from last August when Ezra Levant exposed them as intellectually challenged “know nothings” during an anti-pipeline rally. Roy was part of the “truther” movement prior to Occupy- but, since then, he and the Indignants …

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Love Is The Movement Tattoos: The Mark Of The Activistocrat (feat. TIDES Foundation & Hollyhock)

After almost two years of research it’s become quite clear that a large part of Canada’ environmental protest movement is organized an led by a small, tightly knit, group of people. They have a lot of commonalities between each other- the tactics they use, their connections to unions, the messages they put out, and their …

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Amy Goodman Backs The Voices Of Violent Canadian Revolutionaries (feat. Media Co-Op & Rabble)

As Canada’s experiences with the Toronto G20, 2010 Olympics, and Vancouver’s anti-gentrification kerfufel show us- there are people in Canada’s activist community who’ve begun to get out of hand. There thousands of people across the country who espouse the use of political violence, and hundreds who misguidedly follow their guidance. Many of them are just …

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