CAW (unifor) Follies Cost London Ontario Taxpayers $13,273 (Feat. The Indignants)


The above letter was posted on Facebook today by Mike Roy of The Indignants. You may remember Roy and the Indignants from last August when Ezra Levant exposed them as intellectually challenged “know nothings” during an anti-pipeline rally. Roy was part of the “truther” movement prior to Occupy- but, since then, he and the Indignants have kept most of their focus on union related issues. Well, that, and expressing their vile hatred towards the police.

The letter is a response to a freedom of information request to London police asking them to detail policing costs for the 2012 Canadian Auto Workers (now unifor) Day of Action- an event where the Canadian Labour Congress and Ontario Federation of labour invited 1000’s of people to march in support of a labour dispute between the CAW and Electro-Motive (a subsidiary of Caterpillar). The plant was being shut-down, and there wasn’t anything the CAW was going to be able to do to change that- particularly blocking traffic for the 99%.

Roy claims London police wasted $12,273 (which is actually $13,273) in an effort “for intimidating peaceful protesters”- without any evidence of how protesters were “intimidated”. But, is that what really happened here? Digging a little deeper into the situation, the real blame should be pointed elsewhere.

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan at last year's Common Front meeting...

Mike Roy and OFL Leader Sid Ryan at last year’s Common Front meeting…

The first thing that needs to be pointed out before we precede is that the Day of Action was much more than a labour dispute. Most Canadian union employees are too busy living their lives to think too much about Israel, but their union executives tend to fanatically support the country’s destruction. Protesters have been attacking Caterpillar for many years due to their willingness to sell equipment to the Israeli state. CAW funded made it very clear this protest was about Israel.

Anti-Israel marches are often some of the most contentious events. The pull out a wild crowd of anarchists, militant union members, radical Islamic and Christian extremists. These marches are often faced with counter-protesters too- meaning that police are left trying to keep the peace between two highly animated groups of people.

The Indignants go cop baiting in front of TPS headquarters...

Mike Roy and The Indignants go cop baiting with doughnuts in front of Toronto police headquarters…

If all that isn’t enough to have to worry about, London police also have to deal with the problem of The Indignants. They’re an anarchist group whose primary focus (besides their work with the unions) has been on baiting the police. There’s not an event that Roy and his fellow miscreants try to make about the police. Take the above picture from August as an example- shortly after the protesters finished waiving doughnuts on strings in front of cop’s faces, one of the protesters got violent and smashed a car windshield (with the driver behind the wheel).

Curtis Nixon & Bailey Lemon of The Indignants

Curtis Nixon & Bailey Lemon of The Indignants

Curtis Nixon is an Indignant who has been of particular interest to the police. In addition to harassing and insulting every cop he comes into contact with, Nixon has spent a lot of time on social media posting derogatory and hateful posts about London police officers. Nixon has recently been arrested for related charges and his Facebook account appears to have been shut down.

The Indignants are but one example of the fanatics unifor/CAW have pulled into their orbit. A couple days ago this site covered how the CAW partnered with monsters like Kevin Annett and helped fan the flames during the violence at Caledonia. Today’s incarnation of union militancy is fourth-generation warfare- using indigenous people, homeless, newcomers and anarchists as cannon fodder (most union employees don’t want to go out and get arrested, so they outsource it).

Curtis Nixon isn't very bright...

Curtis Nixon isn’t very bright…

Mike Roy’s misallegations that the police were spending money with the intention of intimidating ‘peaceful’ protesters is laughable, it appears this is what happens to one’s brain when it’s spent too much time marinading in Sid Ryan’s shadow. Any protest where there are 1000’s of people attending requires policing to keep the streets safe and attend to potential disruptions. Some of Ontario’s most hardcore anarchists showed-up for the protest too- it would have been (Toronto Police Service style) incompetent for London police not to have brought sufficient officers.

Roy’s complaints were an insult to the city’s taxpayers. That said, the bigger insult is that the unions knowingly work with Mike Roy and The Indignants. They’re not social justice advocates, they’re bored spoiled brats who march around the city looking for fights with the cops. They’re a gang, and they conduct their “social justice” gangbanging with the full backing of the unions.

The Day of Action was just one of many events led by the unions each year. Security for these marches is subsidised by the taxpayers as part of our democracy’s effort to allow freedom of expression- Canada spends millions of dollars each year. But each time we subsidize these events we’re paid back by the unions with wild accusations of state repression- it’s like rubbing salt in the taxpayer’s wounds.

Something needs to change.

I’ll leave you today with a video from the (anti-Israel) Porter airlines strike last year where union thugs executives Sid Ryan (OFL), Tony Depaulo (USW) and Ken Lewenza of the CAW getting physical with and verbally attacking Toronto police (and Sid Ryan assaulting a woman):

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