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Amy Goodman Backs The Voices Of Violent Canadian Revolutionaries (feat. Media Co-Op & Rabble)

As Canada’s experiences with the Toronto G20, 2010 Olympics, and Vancouver’s anti-gentrification kerfufel show us- there are people in Canada’s activist community who’ve begun to get out of hand. There thousands of people across the country who espouse the use of political violence, and hundreds who misguidedly follow their guidance. Many of them are just …

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Sandy Garossino, Linda Solomon, Rob Ford, Mental Health Stigmatization, And The Future Of Canada’s Anti-Bullying Policy…

On July 30th of last year I noticed one of my friends was being treated rather disrespectfully. They were in a Twitter exchange with Sandy Garossino where the conversation led to the TIDES Foundation’s funding of organizations that espouse the use of political violence. My friend made a very valid point, TIDES has funded groups like …

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Hollyhock’s Fake Pulitzer Epidemic (feat. Linda Solomon of the Vancouver Observer, Rex Weyler of Greenpeace & University of the Fraser Valley)

Hollyhock is arguably Canada’s most controversial New Age retreat. It’s set on a plot of land near the southern tip of Cortes Island in British Columbia, a sparsely populated place with only about 450 people in the off-season that at least doubles during the summer. It’s a mystical island with mind-blowing natural beauty- untouched beaches, …

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[Updated] An Open Letter About Bullying To Sandy Garossino

Update: Sandy Garossino sent out the above tweet this morning. It’s about a radio host potentially losing his job as a result of asking British Columbia’s premier if she’s a ‘MILF’. The few people I’ve shared this with all believe this is rather hypocritical of Sandy considering she’s been continually bashing me ever since I wrote this …

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Professor David McNally On Marxisms (feat. Zach Ruiter & The Occupy Hijackers…)

In my very long article on the ruckus at the University of Toronto, I mentioned a professor from York University professor David McNally. In the article I called for him, and others, to take leadership in helping fix Toronto’s problem with group political bullying. Well, less than 24 hours later- anti-nuclear anarchist Zach Ruiter released …

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