Krusty Krystalline Kraus Pretending To Be A Native!

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I remember watching a video of KKK talking at an Occupy Toronto GA claiming that she speaks for the indigenous community. And, here, she’s singing their songs and pretending to be one of them…

Why do these people put-up with this stuff? Can’t they see that the International Socialists are using them? After all, they are Marxists! Their core belief is that nobody should own the land and that all natural resources should be nationalized and owned by the government!

Isn’t it bad enough that the International Socialists stuck them with Kevin Annett faking mass graves on their territory? Why do they have to put-up with this krazy woman pretending she has Indigenous blood? Insane!

If they get in-charge, the indigenous community will be more screwed-over than they are currently screwed-over by the Harper government! So sad…

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