MediaWatch: The Massive Failure of Megan Kinch Of Toronto Media Co-Op!

Megan Kinch throws softballs at Kevin Annett!

In the ultimate example of softball reporting, Megan Kinch interviewed Kevin Annett when he visited Occupy Toronto this winter. She fell for his asseverations hook, line & sinker without asking a single critical question! If you’ve ever wondered about the quality of reporting from the Media Co-Op, wonder no longer! Here’s the video…


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  1. You are really driving a stake thru their heart lol… they are so done, like yesterday.

    1. Yep, stick a fork in their ass- they’re done!


    • A real mediai person on July 7, 2012 at 09:51
    • Reply

    Oh nooooz, please say it ain’t so. Are you suggesting that media Co-op is nothing more than a cheap version of the national enquirer? Ya, they are about as credible as a new source as i am a space shuttle pilot.

    1. There’s one difference – the Enquirer doesn’t promote violence…

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