Strange Bedfellows: Truth Movement Activists & PressTV

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad

One of the things about the Truth movement that confounds me the most is how many of it’s members have taken a liking to PressTV. High-profile ‘truthers’ like Webster Tarpley, Alfred Webre, and wingnuts like Professor Anthony Hall & Joshua Blakeney have all had multiple appearances on PressTV. Considering PressTV is the propaganda wing of the Iranian government, how could people who claim to support truth even consider associating with them?

First, let me make it very clear that I am not one who supports the Neocon call to attack Iran. I’m against war for all reasons, and would never support a pre-emptive bombing of any country. Also, I think it would be insane to start a war with Iran at this point in history- we can’t even keep Iraq and Afghanistan under control, it would be suicidal to start another war.

PressTV seems to have gained a lot of support amongst truthers because the station backs their assumptions that 9/11 was an inside job. Consequently, as PressTV promotes their theories, and gives them airtime, truthers have embraced the channel in a way I’ve not seen of any other news organization. But, is this sensible for people who claim to support the truth? Because, the truth is, that PressTV is as much about propaganda as any other channel on TV.

Beyond their propaganda, there are a number of reasons people shouldn’t be supporting the Iranian state. In fact, many of the things that the Iranians support are hardly congruent with the human rights values of most truthers. Here are a few to consider:

1. Death Penalty

Iran supports the death penalty. And, not only for capital crimes like murder, but for lesser crimes like alcohol consumption, sodomy, drug trafficking and adultery. So, for example, truther heroes like Rick Simpson would be put to death. And, their death penalty isn’t at all humanitarian, they use methods like hanging, and public stoning.

2. Reproductive Rights

Iran liberalized abortion laws in 2005, but only in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, or where the baby has a birth defect. But, otherwise, women in Iran do not have the right to an abortion.

3. Women’s Rights

In Iran, if women expose any part of their body other than their hands or face they are subject to 70 lashes and/or 60 days in jail. Outside of a special prenuptual contract (which most men will not sign) Iranian women are not allowed to ask for divorce, but men are allowed unconditional divorce. Men are also allowed to take a second wife, even if the first wife doesn’t want it. Basically, women are almost treated as possessions in Iran.

4. Gay Rights

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad is famous for making many crazy comments- but, one of his most outrageous ones was that gays don’t exist in Iran. Homosexuality is a crime in Iran- punishable by imprisonment, corporal punishment, and even execution. Is this the world that truthers want to see in their future?

5. Theocracy

This last issue kind of rounds all of the above issues into one. Iran is not a democracy, it is a theocracy- meaning, all decisions of the state are based on religious principles. Considering how many people in the Truth movement have strongly negative feelings about religion- isn’t it a bit hypocritical to see them partnering with a theocratic state organization?

Considering that PressTV is owned by the same government that supports these policies, and that it was created as a propaganda tool, it truly astounds me that truth activists could even consider supporting them. People need to re-think who they are working with and drop supporting this channel. Regardless of the old adage about “the enemy of my enemy”, it is unacceptable to promote any government that oppresses its people like this…

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    • Tamara Dippel on August 14, 2012 at 20:47
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    OK so Iran is F*ed up… but I don’t support a war on them because the “humanitarian” excuse is a lie… you have monsters in disguise attacking other monsters and they’ll put a controllable puppet in Assad’s place. It’s all a sham. It’s all for control of resources and land, as well as many people making money off both sides when wars happen… they don’t make any money during peace. Many of these wars have nothing to do with human rights or dignity.. Unfortunately by the time the general public finds out it is years later through declassified documents and by then everyone has forgotten because another war or military action is taking place. It’s disgraceful!

    • The Hammer on August 15, 2012 at 08:08
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    Ah, ok. Try reading the article you are commenting. You will find it has nothing to do with going to war in Iran. So why are you bringing it up? It is about PressTV, human rights abuses in Iran and how 9/11 conspiricy nuts have allied themselves with Iran or putting a “controlable puppet” in place of Assad — who is actually a controlable puppet himself.

    • Tamara Dippel on August 16, 2012 at 12:16
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    Oh I am sorry… The current issue out there is the war in Iran and whether it is viable or not… that popped into my mind because it is so hyped and because alot of the times that wars from the west are started they cite “humanitarian” reasons… I am not saying Iran should be allowed to just get away with the abuses, I am just so frustrated with all the wars being fought and the threat of a Iran war is on my mind. By the way I am a 911 truther too.. There seems to be credible evidence and being called a nut after seeing what seem to be credible evidence hurts… It’s not like we’re just pulling this out of our arses… However I haven’t been watching Press TV so if they have been lying than it’s good that I haven’t been watching them.

    Any “alliance” I would have with Iran is simply that I do not want wars fought under false pretenses to control people, steal resources or land, etc… I would back any country against such horrible actions however I also would back anyone fighting for the rights of the people in any country that are being abused. So don’t assume every truther has a love-on for countries with human rights abuses. Speaking for myself, I just want the wars for profit, control and powers sake to end…

    Press TV shouldn’t lie… they aren’t helping at all… It seems there is alot of misinformation and lies going around, it’s hard to figure out what’s a lie or untrue and what isn’t… very frustrating!! I like reading Greg’s blog because he helps shed light on things. I am very frustrated with groups putting out misinformation, but if they are outright lying they are as bad as the people they are claiming to fight. Thinking it’s true is one thing, outright lying is another..

  1. Given that all large media organizations are in fact in the business of dissemination of propaganda, why should the truth movement boycott the one outlet that gives them air time?

    That idea is simply unsupported by your assertions as well as illogical.

    Press TV is quite popular among the broader anti-war community because it offers a perspective which counters the Western pro-war dogma. Is it not vital to listen to opposing views if one is to resolve conflicts peacefully?

    • /gloria Kohmeni on August 21, 2012 at 22:54
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    Please iran, give us money we are your worshipful slaves!!!!

    1. Projection.

      Try Andrea Mitchell or Barbara Walters to see if the shoe fits any better.

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