MediaWatch: Anarchists Pleasure the CAW By Mourning The Last Crown Vic…

Oh, the irony!

TMC are mostly anarchists- so much of their content is thoroughly anti-police. If they had their way there never would have been any police, nor police cars, in our society. Considering this, I’m wondering if any of them can see the irony in their article titled Auto Manufacturing Workers at a Crossroads.

Did they actually print an article mourning the death of the police car factory? Really?

Yep, they most certainly did! How does something like that happen? Is the whole world on acid, or did the person who served me at Tim Hortons spike my lemon-aid tonight? Yes, truth is stranger than fiction…

So, it leads to the question- do the Canadian Auto Workers give funding to the Toronto Media Co-Op? If so, what’s their opinion on smashy smashy? Do they condone street fights with the police? If the Media Co-Op continues publishing ‘fuck the police’ articles, is it acceptable for any union to fund their activities?

And, if they aren’t funded by unions- well, hopefully they can just learn to chuckle about the day the Anarchists mourned the closing of the Crown Vic factory. In celebration of their festival, please watch a video of a man stroking a drawing of a Crown Vic…

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  1. Makes perfect sense, the more police cars they burn the more new ones get made. Da

    1. Yes, very symbiotic. Now I just have to figure out why the unions are supporting incidents like Caledonia?

    • rraefyn on September 4, 2012 at 07:25
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    He wasn’t stroking that drawing Greg. He was imbuing it with the power of a gris gris incantation so that cops every where will fall in love with the Crown Vic. They was hipotized I tells ya!

    • brotherwolf1 on September 4, 2012 at 09:18
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    The Ford Crown Victoria is no longer going to be produced byt the funny side , at least for the Tioronto based anarchists / nut jobs , is that Toronto Police Services purchased the last 250 ( numbers is approximate ) of the police made .

    • The Hammer on September 4, 2012 at 09:26
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    These anarchists also claim to be environmentalists. So they are mouring the last of what is a now a dead style of car. The Crown Vic was the last of the old school American, V8, real wheel drive, heavy body of frame construction, gas guzzling pig.

    It appears they are taking a page out of the Tommy Mulcair book on selective environmentalism. Dead set against the Alberta Tar Sands while staying silent on Hydro Quebec.

    • Standing Water on September 4, 2012 at 12:21
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    “Is the whole world on acid, or did the person who served me at Tim Hortons spike my lemon-aid tonight?”

    Perhaps MKUltra has started up again, but rather than brothels, they’re dosing people via Tim Hortons products.

    • The Hammer on September 4, 2012 at 13:20
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    Look into Sid Ryan. He is the head of the Ontario Federation of Labour and a major activistocrat. He likes to use his position to advance his activistorat issues. While head of CUPE he tried to get all Ontario Univsresity support staff to go on strike unless Ontario universities banned Jews from teaching at their universites. All because oh Israeli policies in Palestine.

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