It’s Official- Occupy Canada Has Been Hijacked!

I’ve always been a bit pensive about the Occupy Canada page on Facebook. When I was in Vancouver, I knew one person who was an admin, but didn’t know much about the others. When I got to Toronto I learned that the page was setup by Derek Soberal. I’ve written about Derek before when he was arrested in Ottawa for ‘inciting a riot’…

I haven’t used the page very often. I’ve only tended to use it to post the occasional article I think may be appropriate to people there. Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed some hate coming from one of the administrators- and, from the type of hate it was, I’m guessing it was Doug Hattem of Occupy Bay Street’s political correctness police.

On September 5th I made a comment when someone posted a story from PressTV. Most of my readers understand by now that they are a rather crappy press outlet. I posted a quick comment warning people not to trust their stories.  And, bam, only a minute later I was banned! Does this say something about OC’s alliances?

Anyhow, yesterday I ran into Derek Soberal amongst a group of Occupiers.  So, I asked him if he knew I was removed from the page. I was kind of shocked to hear what he told me- apparently, he’s no longer a member, someone kicked him off the page too! This is rather shocking considering he was the person who created the page.

One of the biggest problems with Facebook is the lack of auditability when it comes to managing groups. Anyone who has been given administrator access has full powers to add or delete members, and there is no way to tell who did what to who and when. This has been a big problem for people in the Occupy Movement. It happened at Occupy Vancouver last year when someone with admin access deleted the whole OV page and erased all of the content. (I’ve always referred to that incident as OV’s Reichstag fire…)

So, once again, something marked “Occupy” has been hijacked. It began in Canada with Occupy Vancouver, then Occupy Toronto, and now Occupy Canada! Further evidence that the movement is dead…

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  1. Ahh…..I wondered why I wasn’t hearing from oc can anymore. Thing is, one way or another, I don’t think occupy is really going to disappear. Well, the duvee may get changed, the sheets might get washed, but I think the moldy mattress will be sticking around for a while. Those shiny red bed bugz need somewhere to hide.

    1. “conceal the very fact of our existence from the profane. If they discover us, conceal our real objective by profession of benevolence. If our real objective is perceived, PRETEND TO DISBAND and relinquish the whole thing, but assume another name and put forward new agents” – Adam Weishaupt

      Sound familiar? IT SHOULD! Pay attention to which activists operate in this way (branding changes anyone?)

      1. oooooh… Good one…. Yes, this is very appropriate!

        • Tamara D. on September 14, 2012 at 01:54
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        Oh my god! I just saw a video the other day about this! That was the Barvarian Illuminati! Glad to see others close to home are aware of these things too!

  2. Ahh…..I wondered why I wasn’t hearing from oc can anymore. Thing is, one way or another, I don’t think occupy is really going to disappear. Well, the duvee may get changed, the sheets might get washed, but I think the moldy mattress will be sticking around for a while. Those shiny red bed bugz need somewhere to hide.

  3. Yep, Occupy has become the activist version of scabies…

    1. it’s worse than that. If you look at the website, the frequent poster named “mic”. That is micheal mcgonigle, the professor at uvic who runs the social justice department. Which reminds me, I’d love to see more information about this “social justice” brainwashing. It would seem like a useful way to teach communist values. If you search paov and cuba day, you’ll see mic talking about how he celebrates communist cuba every year, even though those poor cubans are building home made rafts and risking their lives all the time to get away from that cess pit society, this is a prime example of the sort of social justice these lunatic phd’s would like to see.

      Mcgonigle should get a mental test to see if he suffers from sociopath behaviour, and if he does, he shouldn’t be teaching shit at uvic.

      1. xtofury… you raise an interesting question here… Can Universities hire (and retain) professors who are openly in support of political parties or political positions (left or right)? Or, worse… do they specifically give tenure to professors who have those leanings…? Isn’t that unethical?

  4. ha ha!

    • Dr. Pokes-alot on September 13, 2012 at 09:17
    • Reply

    Occupy is a disease , an infection that causes massive deterioration of the brain. Symptoms of this sudden deterioration include but is not limited to racist attacks, the inability to use and understand big and intellectual sounding words, the need to use hand signals to communicate, a sudden need to chant mindlessly and the need to march aimlessly.

    Some of the signs to look for when diagnosing Occupious Brainous Infectionitious are things like wearing black facial coverings, knuckles dragging on the ground, the need to have flagpoles with black cloth like materials attached to them.

    The treatment for this serious condition is at best, questionable in that Occupious Brainous Infectionitious affects its host differently in each case. However, some treatment techniques have proven useful in slowing down the effects. Incarceration in a federal penal institution usually slows the rate of destruction, but only for a short time. One of the best treatments for Occupious Brainous Infectionitious during the testing phase was the consumption of crayons.

    Look for these warning signs and if you spot a person exhibiting these warning signs , use wiggle fingers to ward of the contaminant effects.

  5. First of all… Simpson and Greg…. EW!! LOL… Second, you are right… Occupy has suffered from the ‘creeping hoards’ of controlled opposition. It’s like a zombie apocalypse… The infected occupiers slowly advance towards you, relentless, consuming brains (and intelligent minds) as they go.

      • Tamara D. on September 14, 2012 at 01:56
      • Reply

      Yeah :(… Luckily they aren’t real zombies… Hope they realize what’s happening soon. Would be nice to have Occupy back without the dis-ease of control from wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  6. Rather crappy blogger. Police state insider. Cry baby to boot.

  7. Oh goodness, for a police state insider he certainly has had a hard time getting help from the police since being attacked. Fair enough if you don’t like his blogs, you two are not friends, but that does not make Greg an agent. *sigh*

  8. “Agent” is your word, Simpson Bart, not mine.

  9. Hey, Professor Cherry is back! How’s your work helping the Iranians going these days Tony?

  10. It seemed quicker than ‘police state insider’ which was a term I took to imply agent. I apologize if I mistook your meaning, please feel free to insert the term of your choice. Cheers.

  11. I thought about it for a while and came up with “police state insider” after Greg somehow located and supportingly published the RCMP’s “Crime Stoppers”digital image on Kwitsel Tatel. I had heard about the publication but never actually seen it. Somehow Greg knew where to find it.

  12. I got it from The Province. Does this make them part of the police state too professor Cherry?

  13. Is Greg demonizing “the Iranians?” What have “the Iranians” done to him? Why is it OK for Israel, USA, Pakistan, India, Britain etc to possess nukes and not “the Iranians.” Greg is no friend of decolonization. He thinks nothing of the removal of the elected Mossedeq from the Iranian presidency in 1953 and how that illegal action continues to resonate to this day. Greg has no empathy for the Fourth World aspirations of the Non-Aligned Movement, including “the Iranians” and the First Nations in Canada. Free Leonard Peltier! Stand up for universal human rights.

      • Standing Water on September 14, 2012 at 00:50
      • Reply

      Because nobody should have nukes—if you believe in nuclear proliferation beyond the countries that already have them, you are clearly fixing for a situation that is untenable. For someone in your position of trust to advocate such is beyond the pale. Nuclear proliferation is _always bad_—where does it end? Israel has a nuke, Pakistan has a nuke, therefore I may have a nuke? Or does your love of free possession of weapons of mass destruction extend only to nation-states? How about big corporations, should a multinational be able to have a nuke?

      Iran’s failure to curtail its nuclear ambition may lead to another world-war. Sorry, I hate war a lot more than I dislike some of Israel’s policies. What do you say to the contention that for the muslim world, whatever response from Israel to a nuclear attack by Iran on Israel would be an “acceptable loss” from which the muslim world would recover? What do you say to the view that various individuals in the muslim world would love to use an Iran-israel conflict to galvanize the muslim world against Israel, to push it into the sea, as it were?

      Given CSIS’s Richard Fadden’s comments about foreign influence, it is entirely possible that folks like you, are being groomed as assets for foreign powers, with or without your knowledge or consent. Perhaps your whole “anticolonial” view is nothing more than a long-term psychological operation by various foreign powers? People who think they have “empathy” are often very easy to convert to causes, especially if you get ’em when they’re young. How old were you when you first developed these “anticolonial” views, Anthony?

      1. I think Professor Cherry is too lost in his propaganda matrix to actually figure this out…

  14. Iran is messing around with Canadian internal affairs- you have been helping them. Regardless of the weaknesses of Canadian politics, for a Canadian to help a foreign government screw around with Canadian affairs is treason in my book…

    • The Hammer on September 15, 2012 at 08:40
    • Reply

    I do not think Greg is demonizing “the Iranians” but rather exposing PressTV as a propoganda tool of the fascist Iranian government. Cmmunists need to be careful though. While communists have a lot in common with fascists and have a history of colloaberating with them there is also a history of fascists double-crossing communist allies.

    It does not take much to see through PressTV. They are worse than Fox News and MSNBC put together. How come you cannot find anything on PressTV about homosexual issues? Nothing about gay marriage, nothing on homosexual rights.

    • Ian Légaré on January 8, 2013 at 11:17
    • Reply

    Just got my comments deleted and my commenting privilege removed from the Occupy Canada page. I was discussing about Atawapiska’s lack of proper receipts and how all this drama could come to an end right here and now with proper facts instead of reverse smearing. Far from being a troll, I support Occupy and Idle No More but this censoring is quite disheartning. In my mind, it’s hypocrasy at it’s best! Legitimate movement, questionable page admins for sure!

    1. This is very typical of what’s been happening on the OC page. It’s run by an ‘obedience cult’, those who disagree with the narrative are quickly thrown off. Reasonable debate is not allowed there…

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