Activists Tampered With Rail Signalling At The December Sarnia Blockade (feat. Mike Roy & Ron Plain)

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan at an Ontario Common Front meeting in Toronto...

Mike Roy and Sid Ryan at an Ontario Common Front meeting in Toronto…

Back in December a group of indigenous people from the Aamjiwnaang First Nation joined forces with members of Ontario’s anarchist & unionist community and blocked a train line. Many of the ‘usual suspects’ showed-up at the blockade including Sakura Saunders, Dave Vasey, Lana Goldberg, and Ken Lewenza of the Canadian Auto Workers.

The blockade has been over for some time now- but, today, blogger UndercoverKity made an interesting discovery. It appears that not only did the protesters blockade the rail line, but they also tampered with the signalling. And not only were they dumb enough to do this, but they actually filmed and posted the evidence on YouTube for the whole world to see their crimes. It goes without saying that nobody ever accused the anarchist community of being smart.

Ken Lewenza (far right) at the Sarnia Blockade...

Canadian Auto Workers Chairman Ken Lewenza (far right) at the Sarnia Blockade…

The video was posted by Mike Roy of the anarchist media collective called The Indignants. If you’ve been following this site you’ll remember that Roy’s house was raided by the London police a couple of weeks ago. Roy and his fellow anarchists were accused of vandalizing a brick wall. Their supporters claimed that the police were being heavy handed by confiscating their computers and storage media- but, as today’s story shows, there’s a direct possibility they’ll discover evidence of further crimes.

The video shows Roy standing on the train tracks holding a heavy steel bar. He first walks over to the person with the camera to make sure it’s recording, then he takes the bar and places it across the two tracks. By crossing the tracks with the bar he created an electrical circuit that set off the crossing signals beside him- the bells start ringing, and the lights start flashing.

When he’s finished with his demonstration, the camera then pans over to a group people from the blockade. You can clearly see Aamjiwnaang resident Ron Plain (who is very close to the anarchist community), Occupy Toronto’s Lana Goldberg, Sakura Saunders and Darius Mirshahi– a rap singer who promoted “smashing up shit” during the ruckus at the Toronto G20.

G20 Convict Kelly Pflug-Back, Sakura Saunders & Darius

G20 Convict Kelly Pflug-Back, Sakura Saunders & Darius Mirshahi in London this week (photo by Mike Roy)

Despite the fact the line was shut down, it was a criminal act for Roy to tamper with the signalling that day. It’s also highly irresponsible- only a couple days after the Sarnia blockade was shut down a train derailed only a few hundred meters away.

In related news, Amjiwnaang resident Ron Plain was recently fined $16,000 for his participation in the blockade. The anarchists have been trying to help him raise money, but it appears he’s not doing that well- so far, the campaign has only raised $1,400. Yet another reason for people to avoid joining the anarchists in their criminal escapades…


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    • rraefyn on August 11, 2013 at 00:17
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    I vote for a Darwin for Mike Roy. Dumbest criminal award. Can anyone be that stupid and that irresponsible?? Yep, if your name is Mike Roy. Did it ever occur to this eejit that posting this on the net is dangerous in the extreme. Some dumb teenager will be itching to try that crossbar trick one day. I hope they arrest his moronic ass soon and remove that video. This kind of ego needs a serious tune~up at the crowbar hotel STAT!

    1. Agreed. How incredibly stupid can someone get that they would post evidence of their crimes online for the whole world to see!

  1. My guess is the Mike Roy will be having a conversation about this very shortly with the cops who may wish to offer him an extended stay in crow bar hotel.

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