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Alex Hundert Is Going To Jail Tomorrow

Before anyone decides to canonize Alex tomorrow, I thought I’d post this I recorded the night he tried to block me from accessing an Occupy Toronto general assembly. I believe his saying “I don’t give a f##k about the law” says it all. He’s a criminal- pure & simple…

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MediaWatch: Julian Ichim vs. the Toronto Police (featuring Krystalline Kraus!)

Krusty old Krystalline Kraus is back at it again– doing her important job of keeping Rabble’s content scaling-up on the bullshit index. But, what would one expect- Rabble & Krystalline put out more BS than the state of Texas! This time she is harping on-behalf of a dangerously violent member of the Black Bloc- Julian Ichim. …

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Tories Repeal Section 13: Harsha Walia & Harjap Grewal Rejoice!

In a private member’s bill put to vote last week the Conservative government repealed the notorious Section 13 of Canada’s Human Rights Act. Section 13 banned communicating over telephone or the Internet of “any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.” It allowed for communicating truthful information- but people …

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The BCGEU May Not Only Be Full Of Shit…

Did the BCGEU put a new meaning to the concept of the flying squad on Thursday?

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The Black Bloc Have Honoured Me With A Personalized Chant!

There’s a funny thing about Toronto’s anarcho-primitivist community. On the one hand, they are complete attention whores- putting on a show for every TV camera they see. But, every time they see me with a camera, they feel the need to swear, issue threats, and try to block my filming. Even in a crowd where …

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