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This Is What The Black Bloc Looks Like! (American Style)

The massive fail award this week goes to Occupy San Francisco. In this case of ultimate stupidity a Black Bloc genius decides it is a good idea to throw a brick from the top of the roof of a building they were trying to squat. Not such a good idea after all- he ended up …

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An Open Letter To Occupy Vancouver

Dear Occupy Vancouver, Remember the first couple of weeks we were together at the VAG? Those days were beautiful, weren’t they? All of the smiles, love and group hugs made living outside in tents worthwhile- didn’t they?

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Taylor “PottyMouth” Flook Tries To Label Me As Illegal at the No One Is Illegal March!

One of the more disturbing moments I had at yesterday’s marches was when Taylor Flook decided to go all Dave Vasey on me and start insisting I had no right to be out on Toronto’s streets! You may remember Taylor from back in February when she came out of nowhere throwing potty language and ¬†ad-hominem …

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May Day March From City Hall and the Occupy Toronto “Re-Occupation”

We’ve marched through the streets for about three and a half hours now. The march started at Nathan Philips Square and headed west down Queen Street. From there, the crowd stopped at the intersection of Spadina and blocked traffic for a while.

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Guerilla Gardening: Civil Disobedience I Can Agree With!

The day continues here at Occupy Toronto- and besides the initial assault by Dave Vasey & Greg Ciprik, there has been no other violence so far. So, this is good news!

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