Toronto Police Lie About Altercation with Occupiers!

A chalk artwork created by Occupiers on Wednesday night.

I am still deeply disturbed with what happened yesterday at Osgoode Hall. Yes. the Occupiers could have handled the situation better. However, the level of violence was uncalled for, and the police should have been better trained how to de-escalate the situation. Instead, they got violent and created a major incident.

The property manager quickly had the blood washed-away off the side-walk…

Two steps backwards for relations between police & ‘civillians’…

I spoke last night with a producer for CITY TV and learned something quite interesting. Apparently, the Toronto PD told her that the Occupiers were given two days notice that they should have left yesterday. This is a complete lie, and it conflicts with the videos I posted where the property manager gave explicit permission that they WERE allowed to be there!

Something is rotten in Toronto…

I approached the same property manager yesterday, immediately after the violence occurred, to confirm his position. Have a look at the video of this interaction below:

As you can see- even after the violence- the property manager stated that the Occupiers have the right to use this space! So, how can it be that the 52nd Division of the Toronto Police have told the opposite to the media?

What they said appears to be a deliberate lie in my opinion. This is almost more deeply disturbing than the extreme level of violence the police exercised on Occupiers yesterday. Because, if the police feel they can lie to the media, what are they doing in the courts?

I demand a full investigation to this incident- and you should also! Please contact the 52nd division and tell them your opinion!

Phone: 416-808-5200
Fax: 416-808-5202

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