Flagpole Alex: Violent Toronto Anarchist Unmasked! (feat. Alex Balch, Darius Mirshahi, Sakura Saunders & Rabble.ca)

Alex Balch (image from film by Zach Ruiter)

I was quite brutally assaulted back in June. Ultimately, there were four people who beat me, but it all started when a ‘man’ only known as Alex rushed towards me with a 5/8 inch wooden closet pole (with a black flag on it) and bashed me over the head. The doctor told me that I was very lucky. That flagpole could easily have cracked my skull, there’s still an indentation in my scalp. They had to put staples in my head that night, and it took four weeks for me to fully recover.

The Toronto Police met me in the ambulance beside where the assault took place. I gave them a description and I had Alex’s glasses that he left behind while fleeing. I told them that I knew who two of the people involved were, but didn’t have any names. I promised to send them pictures of these two people the next day- I did, as soon as I had them. The police had everything needed to find them- except for their last names.

It should have been easy, it turns out that both of them must have been well known to the police. That is, if the police have been doing their jobs. It is hard for me to make a judgement on that until I hear their full story. Perhaps Alex is a police informant? Perhaps arresting him now would interrupt with a larger investigation? Or, maybe they’ve really been unable to find him?

Well, after today, there is no longer an excuse. Flagpole Alex’s real name is Alex Balch- I learned this after someone from London, Ontario tauntingly posted his name in the comments section of my letter to MP Andrew Cash & MPP Jonah Schein about West Toronto’s new problem with violent anarchists. Here’s what they wrote:

I brought this to the attention of some fellow researchers last night. After a couple of hour’s investigation we realized that what we’ve discovered is more than just the name of the person who assaulted me. We’ve found the Rosetta Stone for understanding relationships between the anarchists, politicians, student leaders and con-men we’ve been reporting on. One researcher, Undercoverkitty, is so excited that Kitty wrote an article talking about how excited they are. Apparently, there are some deep connections with the Canadian Federation of Students here too.

I’ll be writing a lot more about what we’ve been learning over the next few weeks. To get started, I’ll share what I’ve learned about Balch’s early years at Fanshawe College– it gives us a good idea of what his motive for assaulting me could be. Here’s a copy of his bio that was published in Rabble.ca (yes, they are deep in with the violent anarchists) in 2010.

In his past life, Balch was the president of the Fanshawe Social Justice Club (FSJC)- a group that was too radical for Fanshawe and ultimately branched off to be an off-campus group. There’s another former of the FSJC I’ve written about here- Darius Mirshahi, a member of the anarchist hip-hop act called Test Their Logik (sic). If you’ve read my stories about Darius, you will remember that he’s the husband of another high-profile anarchist- Sakura Saunders. Darius also recently appeared on-stage in Ottawa with Sid Ryan.

I’d never met Alex before, and never talked with nor had an interaction with before we met that night- so, until now, I was very puzzled what led him to decide to ambush and assault me. I’m not longer confused now- he’s really close friends with Mirshahi & Saunders, his motivation was to stop me from writing stories about their misbehaviour. And, no wonder Sakura Saunders spent so much time on the Occupy Toronto Facebook page trying to say that I deserved to be assaulted!

I drew-up a relationship chart for Balch last night- he’s connected to most of my major stories:

(click to expand, then click again)

Alex Balch is a violent thug -he’s part of a gang of dangerous people who have been actively promoting political violence on the streets of Toronto. This is the gang that brought us the violence of the G20 and in Caledonia. They are Trotskyites, they believe that violence is essential to make change, and they are hell-bent on making it happen. People in Canada’s unions and political leaders have been giving them an uncomfortable amount of assistance.

So, if the Toronto Police get their act together (Balch lives on George Street), we should be looking forward to seeing Balch off of the city’s streets. That will be a good first-step, but there’s much more needed to protect Toronto (and other Canadian cities) from further political violence. It’s time to talk to the unions, political leaders and organizations like the Council of Canadians- insist that they stop enabling what is becoming a very dangerous situation…

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