Pan-Am Games: Did Peter Munk Just Flip A Bird At The Anarchists? (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Bye-bye Sakura, See You're Friends Behind Bars!

Bye-bye Sakura, See Your Friends Behind Bars!

If you’ve not already heard the news, Peter Munk retired from Barrick Gold this year. Depending which side of the fence you sit on, Monk is either a great Canadian businessman and philanthropist- or Toronto’s version of Mr Burns. Monk is so hated by Toronto’s militants they’ve created campaigns that not only attacked his business, but his philanthropy too.

If there’s a list of people who hate Peter Munk, one person stands out from the crowd. Sakura Saunders attacked Monk wherever she could-  outside of Barrick Gold AGMs, on-campus at the University of Toronto, and on exotic far-away trips funded by undisclosed sources. And wherever she goes, Sakura yells and screams at the top of her lungs often parading a line of trophy activists from far-away lands or nearby reserves.

A story was released today that was so perfectly coincidental it leaves one wondering. Barrick Gold has become the official supplier of metal for medals at the 2015 Pan-Am Games. Barrick Gold has, in effect, handed Saunders what could be her most powerful rallying cry.

Sakura Saunders at the 2013 Westover Line 9 occupation

Sakura Saunders at the 2013 Westover Line 9 occupation

You see, if there’s one thing that gets Social Forum radicals more excited than the opportunity to wave signs at Mr Burns, it’s the opportunity to interrupt an international event. The whole tradition began at the Seattle WTO in 1999, things got so hot at that party it was labelled the Battle of Seattle.

So in this case, Sakura’s social justice warriors get the best of both worlds. Down with the Pan-Am Games, and down with Peter Munk’s evil Zionist corporations! Chasing down torches was a blast during the Olympics, but twice the fun now!

That said, perhaps some caution is in-order. After years of people making jokes about the size of his nose, and spitting while they yell his name, maybe it’s time for some payback? Some people are on-the-fence about wanting to protest the games, this could be just just the formula to get the SJWs onto the street ready to walk into the trap.

You see, a lot has changed since the Battle of Seattle. It’s no longer much of a mystery of who’s hiding behind the mask. The unions, NGOs and churches who support the rioters aren’t much of a secret now either. There may be some persistent (and perhaps unstable) fools who insist on “blocking up” in ninja costumes but there’s nowhere to hide now.

If Munk’s last task at Barrick was to setup this delicious honeypot, he couldn’t have thought of a more devious temptation. We live in interesting times. We’ll leave you with a video of Sakura’s 2013 AGM protest- the cop baiting was divine!

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