#BurnabyMountain Unmasked II Preview: David Suzuki, Occupy, Idle No More & Harsha Walia

Burnaby Mountain had a special guest last Thursday when David Suzuki’s grandson Tamo Campos showed up on the scene. Things got bad that day; despite the protester’s claims of running a peaceful camp, the crowd got heated and started pushing its way into and yelling insults at a line of RCMP officers. After some careful video editing, Campos’ NGO Beyond Boarding released a video implying the arrest was entirely uncalled for.

The excitement was the perfect segway to Sunday when David Suzuki made his own trek up Burnaby Mountain. Suzuki put on a talented performance, completely ignoring he was in a camp full of anarchists, that his grandson works closely with many of them, and emotionally calling-out the RCMP for what he perceived was unfair and brutish treatment. When asked by the media whether he’d get arrested himself, Suzuki explained that he didn’t want to put his job at risk at the CBC.

The Suzuki clan’s final stunt happened on Monday November 24th when his daughter Tamiko Suzuki and granddaughter Midori Campos showed-up with two other members of Beyond Boarding. After a short speech, using the media’s presence to promote a cause that was in no way connected to Burnaby Mountain, they announced their intention to get arrested and walked over the police line. It was a typical staged arrest with one exception- the arrestees were being stage managed by Canada’s most prominent promoter of activist violence…

#BurnabyMountain Unmasked Part II will investigate and explore some important questions:

  • Was Tamo Campos’s arrest as unfair as David Suzuki proclaimed?
  • Who’s in the Suzuki clan’s networks- how deeply are they entrenched with militant activists?
  • Was Suzuki’s excuse for not getting arrested real, or is there something more to the story?
  • How does this all connect to Suzuki and hs people’s role in the hijacking of Occupy and Idle No More?
  • How is Suzuki connected to the Love Is The Movement anarchist tattoo cult?
  • What’s David Suzuki doing working with RCMP designated extremists?
  • Is it time for Canadians to stop trusting David Suzuki?

The answers are both enlightening, and – if you’re someone (like me) who once believed in Suzuki – equally disheartening. Despite his kind grandfatherly role, it turns out that Suzuki and his family have been contributing to what could end up being a very dangerous situation. Ultimately, people could get seriously hurt- David Suzuki is a dangerous man, his grandson too.

I’ve been working on a new interactive chart over the past couple of days, one of the suggestions I’ve received from readers is that the charts are too small when posted in a blog, so click this link to have a look. If you haven’t read this site’s #IdleNoMore Unmasked series, it’s highly recommend background reading.

Also, if you haven’t read it yet, check out #BurnabyMountain Unmasked Part I – an interesting tale of the involvement of some nutty professors (and a nuttier department) at Simon Fraser University.

Finally, if you want to know more about the militant anarchist David Suzuki entrusted his daughter & granddaughter’s safety to, I discussed it with Ezra Levant yesterday- if you’re not familiar with Suzuki’s radicalism, you’re likely to be very surprised:

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