Jet-Setting NGO Climate Campaigner Celebrates New Job With Airplane Selfie! (Feat. 350, Bioneers)

Save the Planet, drink plastic bottles of Fiji water!

Clayton Thomas-Muller: Card carrying Aeroplan Elite member

Our last story featured jet-setting Canadian climate activist Clayton Thomas-Muller’s September trip to New York. Clayton showed his contempt for 350 founder Bill McKibben’s position that it’s crazy to import water from Fiji to the USA by enjoying a cool & refreshing plastic bottle of Fiji water with his New York Pastrami sandwich. “Ohhhhh the anticipation” Clayton exclaimed, drooling over a drink and sandwich many say symbolizes American’s problems with overconsumption.

When I asked McKibben about Clayton’s connections to Canadian extremist groups at this summer’s Jobs Justice Climate march he responded saying “I like Clayton, he does a great job”. I followed-up asking, “Are you aware Clayton has been on a list of extremists kept by the RCMP?”, Mckibben responded by saying “I like Clayton, he does great work.” Any doubt about how much McKibben likes Clayton was recently wiped out after he recently rewarded the jet-setting Canadian activist a permanent position.

Clayton is a valuable asset to the ENGO industrial complex, few first nations activists have expressed such enthusiasm to fight their pro-energy indigenous brothers and sisters on behalf of the American billionaires and groovy California new agers who fund him. On October 20 Clayton announced he’s now a full-time “Stop it at the source” Campaigner- as the Hollyhock regular likes to say #Hella! So, how did he celebrate?

Thomas-Muller: Champaign budget, NGO Sugar Daddy

Airplane Selfie!

You guessed it, Clayton flipped a bird at’s supposed values and celebrated his new job taking an airplane selfie- the Justin Trudeau of the anti-oilsands! Perhaps as a reminder of his past fronting for a racist hate group called the Native Youth Movement, Clayton celebrated capitalism posing as a badass climate campaigner wearing a curiously tipped Boston Red Sox cap- raising the question, “at what point does a climate activist become a gang member?”

Last week Clayton jetted over to the San Francisco Bay Area to introduce fellow NGO influenced first nations activist (and Love Is The Movement tattoo cult member) Eriel Deranger, who he explained he met when she was “graduating from a fellowship program at one of Canada’s foundations.”  Both were speakers at the Bioneers, a Bay Area based social engineering group with deep roots in the New Age movement. They were joined by Naomi Klein, Jane Fonda’s former husband Tom Hayden had to cancel after suffering from a stroke. Bioneers co-founder Kenny Ausubel told the audience that “the most subversive thing” they can do is to distribute the group’s videos through social media.

Off to Malta and Paris!

Off to Malta and Paris!

Clayton is no doubt excited by the masses of air miles he’ll be racking up on his new NGO sugar daddy’s expense. Yesterday he announced big trips to both Malta and Paris! This website would like to congratulate Clayton on his new endeavor, and recommend that although the water might not taste so good in Malta it would be enormously less hypocritical to take it from the tap while visiting both cities- it’s best to avoid the temptation of France’s many fine brands of bottled water.

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