Ontario Legislator Lies At Jordan Peterson’s UofT Debate! (Feat. Cheri DiNovo)

Cheri DiNovo: Bravely saving Ontario from politically incorrect eco-terrorists

Cheri DiNovo: Bravely saving Ontario from politically incorrect eco-terrorists

On Saturday morning I dragged my tired ass out of bed early to make it to the University of Toronto for Dr. Jordan Peterson’s debate on Bill C-16. The event was for students & staff only, but I decided to stand outside like a groupie who can’t afford tickets for their favorite band. It seemed like a great opportunity to get some film of the inevitable protest.

But it turned out that I was wrong, there wasn’t a single protester in sight. I heard that their official excuse was that they were boycotting the event, but I have my suspicion there was more to the story. It’s more likely they were in hiding after the October 11 shitshow where two of their compatriots got arrested for assaulting Peterson’s supporters.

But there was one person I recognized when I arrived at 9am. The last time I saw NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo was when she was a keynote speaker at a racist anti-police march in 2013, the last time I wrote about her was when she “bravely” called-out an eco-terrorist group for excluding trans women. So I pulled out my video camera and walked up while she was being interviewed by Toronto Life. And, wow, the results were well beyond my expectations!

When I reached the media mini-scrum DiNovo was in the middle of explaining why it’s important to be “very vigilant” about an alphabet soup list of “isms” & “phobias”; homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, and what do you got! These are all important issues, but are often complete blather when discussed by SJWs- especially when pouring out of the mouth of a politician who hangs out with racists and attacks eco-terrorists only for their political incorrectness.

So I asked DiNovo if she was saying these things because she felt that Jordan Peterson is transphobic. It didn’t take her more than a moment to respond saying, “oh, absolutely, yes!”. She explained herself saying “he’s not affording his trans students the same dignity that he affords his straight students- it’s that simple”.

Sorry Cheri, it’s not that simple. The fact is that Peterson hasn’t refused to use the “preferred pronoun” for a single solitary student. He’s also stated very clearly that he has no problem addressing trans students (or trans anyone) as “he” or “she” based on their gender appearance.

There's dozens (and dozens) of these things...

There are dozens (and dozens) of these things…

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, what Peterson has stated is that he has grave concerns that the government is forcing Canadians to use an infinite number of recently made-up pronouns through the rule of law- and he refuses to use them in protest, but hasn’t yet exercised this protest in a real world situation. Most Canadians had never even heard of these pronouns until Peterson published his videos on the subject- and there’s nothing even close to a consensus on their validity.

I next asked her to explain her position that trans people no longer feel safe on-campus since Peterson published his objections to Bill C-16. DiNovo’s first response was to say, “Absolutely they do, I’m going to have breakfast with”. But then she suddenly stopped and got more specific, saying “Unsafe, not on campus, but here right now at this forum and certainly around him and his followers- they’ve been attacked.”

Say what Cheri?

So I explained to her that it wasn’t trans folk who were assaulted by Peterson’s supporters at his October 11 demonstration, it was Peterson’s supporters who were assaulted by trans folk- two of whom have been charged with assault.

Her response was typical of what I hear most every time I’ve caught a politician in a lie, “we have a different view on that” she said. Not wanting to let her get away with such blatant bullshit I explained to DiNovo that the police seem to have a different view on that. She responded with more weasel words saying, “well, we’ll let the police speak for themselves.”

What, doesn’t the fact that the cops charged two of the counter-protesters with crimes speak for itself?

When I got home later yesterday evening I checked out Google news to see what the media said about the event. My all time favorite Canadian journalist Christie Blatchford wrote a brilliantly amusing article about the debate, that was fun. Next, I found an article in The Sun with some more of DiNovo’s bullshit.

“Human rights aren’t for debate” she said arrogantly, assuming that the science was settled over bunch of pronouns most Canadians have never heard of. This wasn’t only disappointing, but highly disturbing coming from a member of our provincial legislature.

The entire foundation of DeNovo’s career is supposed to be based on the concept of open debate!

But the real bullshit was her claim that she was boycotting the actual debate “as did others who opted to attend a special breakfast”. Sorry Cheri, you’re so full of crap it’s pouring out of your mouth, ears, and every pore of your body. The reality of the situation was that, like me, she didn’t qualify for entry to the debate- as I mentioned, attendance was restricted to University of Toronto students and staff.

Cheri DiNovo with racist Wesley Williams (2nd from left)

Cheri DiNovo with racist Wesley Williams (2nd from left)

So you might be asking, who was Cheri DiNovo going to breakfast with during the debate? The answer appears to come from a picture she posted on her Facebook page this afternoon- a dog’s breakfast of bigots and troublemakers.

You might recognize the second person from the left. Wesley Williams was one of the agitators who came to interrupt the October 11 protest. He’s also a bit of a hardcore racist. I filmed Wesley at a 2015 Black Lives Matter protest wearing a sign on the back of his jacket declaring himself as the “death of the palefaces”. Nice guy!

Standing to Wesley’s left was his sister Cassandra Williams. She was also at the October protest, manning the PA system that blasted white noise intended to stop Dr. Peterson from expressing his right to free speech. Curiously, despite the university’s policy about not disrupting other community member’s right to express themselves, the UofT administration don’t appear to have taken any action to sanction Cassandra for her misbehavior.

SJW’s appear to have free reign on the campus of the University of Toronto… (Caveat parentibus!)

Standing between DiNovo and Cassandra Williams is physics professor AW Peet. I’ve watched a few of Peet’s videos, and they has an awful sense of humor (and is the only person who laugh’s at they’s jokes), but I can’t deny that theys an obviously brilliant person. But I’ve also looked at Peet’s twitter feed- and it’s packed full with the ugliest and most bigoted tweets I’ve seen from a UofT professor. [Notice the grammatical challenges using “they”?]

And you’re trying to tell me these people are “afraid” Cheri, are you frigging serious?

This is the point where my story about meeting Cheri DiNovo at Jordan Peterson’s debate ends. But it wasn’t the last I saw of our intrepid MPP yesterday. Two hours later I ran into her at a protest against Donald Trump- and man, did she ever make some blatantly stupid claims about American democracy!

Stay tuned for more in my next story…

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