[UPDATED] Sierra Club Executive Chelsea Flook Shares An Anarchist “CUPE Joke”

Taylor & Chelsea Flook show-off their masks in what they call a "CUPE Joke"

??? & Chelsea Flook show-off their masks in what they call a “CUPE Joke”

UPDATE: One of the two people in this picture was originally identfied as Taylor Flook, who has written to me to say it wasn’t her. I am currently waiting for comment from her on who the other person is alleged to be…


If you’ve been following Your Humble Narrator’s stories about the elite clique of protesters who share the “Love Is The Movement” tattoo, you’ll probably recognize the Flook sisters. Chelsea is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club’s Prairie Chapter, her sister Taylor is an assistant director who works in the Ontario film industry. And, outside of their blood relationship, the two have quite a lot in common.

First, they both share the same tattoo, as do many of their friends in the activist community. Both were also involved in the hijacking of the Occupy movement on behalf of the old-left. Chelsea led the appropriation of Occupy Edmonton while Taylor helped out at Occupy Toronto- both had a reputation for being incredibly nasty to anyone who got in their way. And last, but not least, they both have an affinity for all things anarchist.

The above picture was taken in 2009 at the height of a rather tumultuous strike by the CUPE 3903- a union local that represents contract faculty, teachers assistants and research assistants at Toronto’s York University. The 3903 is one of the most radical, and anarchist ridden, CUPE locals in the country. They have a particular focus on indigenous issues and have directly been involved in such fiascos like the violence during the Caledonia land dispute. And, like the Flook sisters at Occupy, members of the 3903 have also stood out for using socially violent tactics against their rivals.


The picture at the top of this article was posted on another article back in June. A couple of weeks ago someone named Gabriel posted an interesting comment- saying that the photo of the Flook sisters wearing masks (and holding a sign with anarchist symbols) was a “CUPE joke”. If what Gabriel said was true, the people at the 3903 have a rather bent sense of humour. But, Your Humble Narrator wasn’t fooled.

The Flook sisters are deeply embedded with the anarchist community, and regularly show up to their events and protests. They regularly associate with some of the most violent and problematic anarchists in the country- names like Alex Hundert, Kelly Pflug-Back, and Mandy Hiscocks. When the anarchist infested Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) hijacked Sammy Yatim’s memorial march– Chelsea Flook was there (with fellow LITM tattoo wearer Dave Vasey) while the crowd was yelling f##k the police chants at Toronto’s 14 Division police station.

Chelsea has publicly self-identified as an anarchist on the Feministing Blog at the University of Ottawa…

Notice the mask...

Notice the mask…

Back when she was at York University, Chelsea ran for the position of VP Equity at the Graduate Student Union. The GSU is also a haven for the York anarchist community (same as the University of Toronto GSU). As you can see from the above image, she made another “CUPE joke” on her campaign flyer. And, on her campaign website, she added to her list of qualifications that she was a supporter of the anarchist led Exile InfoShop bookstore- a group who publicly supported the violent criminality during the Toronto G20.


Back in 2010, during the G20, the police raided the convergence place where many of the leaders and Black Bloc anarchists who smashed up the city gathered together. Chelsea, of course, didn’t take it very seriously that criminals were terrorizing the people of Toronto- when interviewed in an article by Reuters, Chelsea was quoted saying “This is the criminalization of dissent”. Of course she did, it was her close friends who were being sent to jail.

Chelsea made another CUPE joke!

Chelsea made another CUPE joke!

Yesterday, while browsing through Chelsea’s publicly accessible Facebook page, Your Humble Narrator noticed that Chelsea has made yet another “CUPE Joke”. This time she posted a chalk drawing of two masked and angry looking thugs with an anarchist symbol on the top right, and a crow on the top left- an anarchist symbol favoured by convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert. But, since Chelsea has now left CUPE, perhaps this should be called a “Sierra Club joke” now?

Canadians should beware of any organization that hires someone like Chelsea Flook as an executive. It’s now time to start digging further into the executives, leaders and members of the Sierra Club. Like many activist organizations, it’s very possible they’ve been infiltrated by anarchist and radical left entryists. Stay tuned for more information…

Activists who share the "Love Is The Movement" tattoo...

Activists who share the “Love Is The Movement” tattoo…


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