Will Toronto Police Allow OCAP To Setup Occupy Toronto 3.0 At Allan Gardens Park Tonight?

Will OCAP's dogs be allowed to run wild tonight?

Will OCAP’s dogs be allowed to run wild tonight?

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has made an announcement that they plan to setup camp and occupy Allan Gardens Park tonight as part of a protest against gentrification. OCAP is a union sponsored organization that’s closely related with Sid Ryan at the Ontario Federation of Labour. They’re probably most well known for leading the Queen’s Park Riot in 2000 were one of their members threw Molotov cocktails at police officers who were guarding the steps of the Ontario Legislature.

The sponsorship list for this illegal occupation is quite interesting. As most OCAP events it includes the usual trouble makers, socialist obedience cults and anarchist groups. But, one sponsor stands out- George Brown College. How did that happen?

The big question however is will the Toronto Police let OCAP get away with setting up camp? A precedent has already been set with Occupy Toronto. Their camp was deemed illegal and they were shut down after 39 nights. On May 1st 2013 they tried to setup Occupy 3.0. but anyone who put up a tent was promptly arrested- so, it’s unlikely the police will allow any tents today.

That said, on September 1st a group of radicals were allowed free reign over the city- assaulting motorists and smashing one of their windshields. The cops did nothing to stop them, they were only present to protect their own police stations. What happens today will be a big test of the Toronto Police Service’s willingness to enforce the law.

This could be an interesting day, and Your Humble Narrator will be there to report on the mayhem. Stay tuned for a full report soon. I’ll be live tweeting today’s mayhem from 3pm onwards- follow me on my Twitter account @grenouf for realtime updates.

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