Toronto’s #BillC51 Protest: Where Low Information Protesters March Behind Hardcore Racists

The event was full of Communist (and Bolshevik!)

The event was full of Communist and Bolshevik! (and one guy behind the banner is the son of a rich banker)

Toronto’s protest industry has been rather slow the past few months. After Idle No More crumbled, and the reality was exposed how the grassroots movement was hijacked by people in the labour movement, fewer and fewer people came out to play. Embarrassed and discouraged by increasingly smaller crowds, the people of the labour movement needed a miracle- as Elizabeth May said today, who’d have thought that miracle would have come from the Harper Government!

The gift was, of course, Bill C-51; the source of endless amounts of angry rhetoric from the chattering classes suffering from Harper Derangement Syndrome. Personally, I’m unsure about the bill. After almost four years of research into activist militancy I can see a clear and present danger- but I’m not a lawyer, and there’s so much FUD being spread around it’s hard to know what the real risks are.

So, I made my way to yesterday’s Toronto Bill C-51 rally on a quest to find out what people’s objections are. From the moment I arrived it felt like a reunion, everywhere I looked I recognized people I know and have written about from Occupy, the Robocall rallies, Idle No More, and Toronto’s failed attempt to replicate the Quebec student strikes. Some were friendly, some hostile, and an associate of the head of the NDP’s Socialist Caucus threw a cup of coffee on me. Join me as I share my experience reporting on yet another AstroTurf protest safari!

 Who Were The Organizers?

Anglican Organizers Christopher Lambe & Veronica

Anglican Organizers Christopher Lambe & Veronica Campbell at the 2013 Ontario Common Front meeting…

Yesterday’s protest was organized coast-to-coast by, a cretinous NGO with an NDP heavy advisory board. I first met the people at LeadNow in 2012 when I was helping to organize the “Robocall rallies”- a set of similar coast-to-coast protests where the NGO’s leaders called to overthrow the government (with an Egyptian revolutionary on the stage in Toronto). LeadNow’s behaviour was so unsavoury back then that their leader Jamie Biggar called me to personally apologize for going “overboard”.

[LeadNow has only gone downhill since then- last year they promoted a pro-violence militant, and an RCMP labelled extremist tracked since 2010.]

The Toronto event was led in part by two key players, and two of the most friendly and amicable people I know in Toronto’s activist scene. Christopher Lambe and his partner Veronica Campbell are Anglican activists associated with the Church of St Stephens In The Fields– an institution led by Maggie Helwig, often referred to on this site as the “anarchist priest” (a thoroughly unpleasant character who associates with Black Bloc militants).

I first met the couple during Occupy Toronto, they were sensible folk who seemed to understand how the “movement” was challenged by the presence of militant entryists. Later, after Occupy, they got involved with Ontario Common Front, a group led by the Ontario Federation of Labour Where Unions, Activists and Anarchists Converge. Now, three years after I first exposed LeadNow’s American Style Dirty Tricks, my two valued friends are organizing for them.

The Marxist-Leninist Connection To Alleged Terrorism:

As I said, the place was full of communists (and Bolshevik)

As I said, the place was full of communists (and Bolshevik)

My friend Undercoverkity texted me as I walked in warning that the place is “goon heaven”, but regardless, my jaw still nearly hit the ground when I arrived at Nathan Phillips Square. My surprise came from seeing the above banner from the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).

I won’t give too much away today, but the CPCML is featured in my upcoming Part II of Venezuela Unmasked. One of their former candidates Julian Ichim participated with (yesterday’s speaker) Suraia Sahar interrupting Remembrance Day ceremonies in 2012. Anyhow, as we’ll discuss in the next part, Ichim was recently denied entry to the US on the grounds he may be involved in terrorist activities (after visiting a DHS designated terrorist group in Ireland).

Zafar, Ali & Sid: Best Possible Example Why There’s A Bill C-51?

Zafar Bangash and Ali Mallah on the stage

Zafar Bangash and Ali Mallah on the stage

One of the first people I recognized on the stage was Zafar Bangash; a radical imam who’s both the definition of a strange bedfellow for this crowd, and a great example of why the Canadian government might worry about security issues. Let’s start with the bedfellow part, the vast majority of the crowd’s participants are fervent supporters of gay rights- Bangash has a differing opinion, take for example his comment on teaching about same-sex relationships in schools:

“We don’t want our children subject to that kind of thinking. It’s very clear in our belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. It goes against the core beliefs of Muslims; our understanding springs directly from the Qur’an.”

Now, let’s get to the security issue by looking at a quote of Bangash’s opinion on democracy (this is from the Toronto Star):

“Muslims must strive to overthrow the oppressive systems in their societies through Islamic revolutions, and not by participating in fraudulent elections organized by the elites operating through various political parties that actually divide the people,”

One of the key reasons governments have intelligence services is to protect from people trying to overthrow them. Regardless of his intentions – revolution or peaceful protest – Zafar Bangash style firebrand sensationalism is the very reason many Canadians are willing to accept Bill C-51. It was bizarre to see him on the stage. He’s part of the problem.

A plesant chat with Sid Ryan...

A pleasant chat with Sid Ryan…

Zafar and his friend Ali Mallah had a pleasant conversation with Sid Ryan, the head of the Ontario Federation of Labour- it wasn’t possible to hear them. Mallah is an interesting fellow who holds the view that Hezbollah isn’t a terrorist organization- regardless of what one thinks about his intentions, the government has classified Hezbollah as terrorists, so he’s not really a good person to have one the stage during an anti Bill C-51 rally.

Sid Ryan was introduced to the crowd as a man “with a long standing involvement with the Irish peace process”, and as the winner of an award from the Canadian Arab Federation (Mallah’s old haunt). Both are rather curious in the context of this article.

Non-Natives To The Back Of The Bus Protest:

Cathy Walker making her speech...

Cathy Walker making her speech…

As this site often points out, one of the biggest indicators of how the labour movement has been appropriating indigenous voices is how their events always seem to feature the same old tired groups of native protesters (whose radicalism most often vastly exceeds their communities). Yesterday’s protest brought us more of the same, starting off with the First Nations community’s most embarrassing drum circle.

The group was led by Cathy Walker, an anti-Semite who believes that “Islamic group [sic] need to start taking Hollywood away from the Jews“. Walker was joined on the stage by Sigrid Kneve, a TDSB schoolteacher who has been one of the biggest advocates for Kevin Annett, the con-artist who faked the discovery of a mass grave of children at the Mohawk Residential School at the Six Nations reserve. In the background was Walker’s husband Davin Ouimet- a nasty racist who’s been caught hating on people of colour, Mexicans, Jews, Italians, whites and Chinese.

After the first set of speeches were finished, and about half-way through the protest’s march blocking downtown streets, Walker stopped the crowd and got rather pissy with them- you see, it’s her belief that non-native people should walk behind natives because “it’s our land”. Check out the video, it’s not anything most people would expect to see happening in Canada (you’ll also see an anarchist from the Media Co-Op get embarrassed and try to stop me filming).

As expected, a number of people in the audience began to get upset. A couple of non-natives were angry, and a couple of native protesters (who appear new to the group) looked seriously uncomfortable with Walker’s shamelessly racist demands.

Tying into another old story on this site, NDP MP Andrew Cash was standing behind Walker and Knieve while they did their part on the stage. Both sang Cash’s praises while they were blocking trains:

Really, Elizabeth May?

Elizabeth May has a strange position on violence...

Elizabeth May has a strange position on violence…

If you’re already a regular reader of this website, it’s likely you’re familiar with Elizabeth May’s hypocrisy. During the Toronto G20 she made her infamous statement that “smashing windows isn’t violence“- can you think of a worse person to put on stage during a Bill C-51 rally? May was also involved in the Vancouver Observer’s shameless deception about the police “spying” on “innocent” activists.

Seriously, if one wants their anti government spying rally to have even an ounce of credibility, May is the wrong person to bring to it.

Judy Rebick Goes Race Baiting!

Judy Rebick was another example of the type of person one shouldn’t take along if they want their anti Bill C-51 protest to be taken seriously. Rebick was a kind of a den mother to the organizers of the Black Bloc violence during the Toronto G20- simultaneously speaking out about their behaviour, then campaigning in front of police headquarters screaming out abuse that they’re “political prisoners”.

Rebick engaged in the most un-Canadian of speeches, race baiting with comments like “all black people are at risk by Bill C-51!”. After her speech, Chris Lambe came up to me and asked “so, how do you think it went?”. I responded pointing out the irony of bringing Rebick to an anti C-51 protest- we’ve talked about her links to the militants before, and Chris nodded his head saying “I know, it was a last minute thing, consensus you know!”.

Barry Weisleder And A Goon With A Cup Of Coffee:

One of the sleaziest characters I often see at protests like this is Barry Weisleder, the head of an obedience cult called “Socialist Action”, and the former leader of the NDP’s Socialist Caucus. Barry first came to this website’s attention while studying the Kevin Annett deception- both men are old friends, Barry helped Annett spread his indigenous abusing fraud back in 2011. Barry, being a sleazebag, denies this happened- if true, then the above video is one of the most sophisticated forgeries ever made.

Every time I see Barry I ask him when he’s going to repent for the damage he helped Annett commit on First Nations people, and every time he gets angry and denies he ever helped Annett. This time, as the speeches ended at city hall, an anarcho-kiddie ran up behind me, “oops” throwing coffee all over my back, then ran to Weisleder and laughed at his “mistake”. Weisleder responded saying “good, he’s making up stories”.

Barry Weisleder is the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with Canada’s “social justice” communities- cult mentality, appropriating the voices of marginalized people, strange bedfellows (Annett, anarcho-kiddies), and a grade five mentality thinking that throwing drinks on people is funny. Basically, he’s a one-man microcosm of the movement. These people claim to be protecting Canadian’s rights- God help us.

And What About The Bill Itself?

I spoke with at least 50 people yesterday, asking each of them “which part of Bill C-51 do you disagree with”? Curiously, not a single person could point-out a specific part of the bill. The best answer came from an shy guy who wouldn’t share his name (called himself “the dude”) his answer was a lot like mine (and Rex Murphy’s)- basically, we need to have as much debate on the bill as possible before we pass it.

The Rebel Media was on the scene asking people similar questions- as the above video shows, they didn’t have too much success either- basically, most of the people there yesterday were your typical “low information” protesters…

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    • Fritz Kohlhaas on March 15, 2015 at 17:30
    • Reply

    This is not free speech! This is hate speech!

  1. You can bet the left wing Trudeau loving CBC (that you and I and all Canadian taxpayers pay for regardless of our political stripe) wouldn’t be there. They don’t have the balls to show just how stupid this group is. They love to cover for Trudeau and his admirers. Bloody main stream media.

    • Ken Dipsarp on March 15, 2015 at 18:30
    • Reply

    Fritz, the CONservative supporters never let facts or common sense get in the way of a good agenda.

    • bill on March 15, 2015 at 21:45
    • Reply

    So the older folks are the Stupid Hippies that still haven’t come back from Woodstock.
    And the rest of them are their stupid children & grandchildren.
    That says it all for me.

  2. I’d like you to make a list of all the people with vested interests who were too afraid to stand up for our Canadian rights. Here’s a hint, all those involved in any government job, municipal, provincial or federal. All those in Canada involved in law enforcement or our legal system, etc. Etc. Their glad to sit on the couch and let other’s do their fighting for them. At least these people will stand up and fight.

    1. Are you kidding me? The audience was chock-full-o-public-service workers! lol

  3. Greg, you should talk to Arnie Lemire at Blazing Cat Fur about Ali Mallah. I’m sure he’ll fill you in all the background you could ever want on that character.

    1. I saw the video, another case of a “social justice” activist resorting to violence…

    • Jimminy Crickets! on March 16, 2015 at 01:44
    • Reply

    Did all these brain dead freaks hit the bong before they showed up for the protest? Hope the world isn’t watching and believing these asshats represent the best part of Canada.

    • Susan on March 16, 2015 at 12:26
    • Reply

    Kathy Walker obviously missed the part of History where her ancestors made deals to cede the land that is Canada to the British. Either that or she doesn’t like the deal. Neither do I! Come to think of it, I don’t like the deal my grandmother made when she sold her house after my grandfather died. I think I’ll go to the new owners and demand more money from them; the house is worth 100 times what they paid for it and that house should be MINE. I didn’t agree to give it up. If Canadian indians can change history, why can’t I?

    1. In the case of Nathan Phillips Square, I think it falls under the Gunshot Treaty and/or the Toronto Purchase.

  4. These professional protesters are the biggest hypocrites around. They have no problem with the lack of accountability of unions, misappropriation of funds, and bullying of dissenting members. They support some of the most oppressive regimes around (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba) simply because they are anti-capitalist. At the same time they have the gall to accuse the federal government of being “undemocratic”?

  5. Thank you for your bravery on the streets of Canadian Cities and for helping to keep people informed.

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