Labour Affiliated Clowns Promote Violent Tactics Against Harper Campaign! (Feat. The Indignants)

Mike Roy (Indignants) and Sid Ryan (OFL)
Mike Roy (Indignants) and Sid Ryan (Ontario Federation of Labour)

If you’ve been following this website for long, or you were lucky enough to have watched Ezra Levant’s hilarious coverage of their August 2013 Line 9 pipeline protests, then you’re already familiar with The Indignants. The London, Ontario group is one of the wacky and misguided band of protesters in the country so it’s no wonder that they’re affiliated with the thugs at the Ontario Federation of Labour.

The Indignants are regulars on the London protest circuit and are often bused out to Toronto to help make up for the dwindling numbers of labour movement astroturf events in Toronto. Their behaviour is mostly like what one would expect from clowns, and can sometimes be very expensive to police. That said, members of the group have long histories of arrests and have been observed promoting arson.

With election season in full-swing, the labour movement’s allies have been organising protests against Conservative candidates across the country. The Indignants have been quiet for the past few months but it seems that the election has waked them up- Harper is coming to London on August 19th, and they’re promoting a violent response…


Their posting is encouraging people to “bring rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, and welcome signs to greet out racist Aparthied Prime Minister”, encouraging people to arrive an hour early “to give the proper welcoming”. The invite also calls on native protesters to join in.

The Indignants spend a lot of time complaining that we live in a “police state”. In a police state, or most any other country for that matter, people who promote violent protest against the head of state are likely to find themselves getting a free ride in a police car. In Canada, they’ll probably be allowed to walk free. We’ve seen this too many time with the Indignants and their racist friends.

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