Kevin Annett Over-Celebrates 4/20, Declares He’s Dissolved the Catholic Church! (Feat. Henry Makow)

Kevin Annett: Davin Ouimet's "bud"dy & mentor

Kevin Annett: Davin Ouimet’s “bud”dy & mentor

In a week where the world has been captivated by the intersection of the earth and the moon, there’s been another intersection this week. Sunday was not only the Christian holiday of Easter, but it was also 4/20- a date when marijuana enthusiasts around the world gather to light-up a joint at 4:20pm. Tens of thousands of pot smokers around the world gathered (after church, presumably) to imbibe their beloved Mary Jane- and, inevitably, some individuals made fools of themselves. Some idiots went as far as to set a palm tree on fire in Victoria, BC.

There’s no better proof of the old adage that “the world is full of idiots” than BC’s homegrown con-artist extraordinaire Kevin Annett. Not that he’s an idiot, far from it, the man has been able to get 100’s of people around the world to believe he’s the one man who can save the earth from the evils of the Catholic Church. The real idiots are Annett’s followers- people so desperate to see change in the world (or so corrupt) that they’re willing to believe his tall tales without demanding some sort of evidence.

There’s a sucker born every minute…

Despite his relative intelligence, Annett every once in a while takes his wild tales beyond the point of no return; today was one of those days. But rather than making false claims of the discovery of a mass grave, lying about being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, or declaring that Canada is no longer a nation- Annett’s new claim has a more global “significance”.

Today he’s declared under the “Supreme Law of God” that the Catholic Church has (like Canada) now been dissolved! Annett claims that his “Common Law Court” (in Belgium, a country that doesn’t recognize common law) has “lawfully” made their declaration- a number of “jurors” and “judges” participated.

The problem is that’s there’s no court, no judges and no jurors- it’s all a wild claim made by a seriously ill man (who takes money from unwitting dupes). Annett’s (kangaroo) court is made of totally anonymous characters- people who don’t exist. And, in the tradition of his old partner Jason “Reacharound” Bowman, all of the transactions of the court (besides his wild proclamation) are secret. There’s no transcription of the court’s proceedings either.

Annett's protege Davin Ouimet

Annett’s protege Davin Ouimet (A.K.A. Davyn Calfchild)

Speculation from knowledgeable sources indicates that the true cause of Annett’s silliness today may have come from his consuming some wacky tobacky with his protege Davin Ouimet (a.k.a.  Davin Calfchild); a Toronto based cop-baiter who began his training under Annett’s wing back on Vancouver Island. Ouimet is a former Marijuana Party of BC candidate for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and an outspoken advocate for his indigenous right to smoke “anywhere I damn well please you immigrant!”.

Though many observers feel Annett’s drug use is the only possible explanation for today’s follies; there’s an opposing group who say that the drug use is not by Annett, but by his followers. “It’s the magic of his plan,” explained an undisclosed person in an undisclosed location, “by making this announcement on a day when most of his followers are stoned out of their trees, it’s a sure thing they’ll believe anything Annett tells them!”.

The undisclosed person in the undisclosed location had one more message to share with us, saying:

“Using my supreme powers as an undisclosed person in an undisclosed place, I now declare that Kevin Annett is sentenced by the Supreme Law of God to spend the rest of eternity locked in a room with Alfred Webre and Richard Hidalgo– and subjected to a repeating loop of Davin Ouimet and Cathy Walker telling racist jokes.”

So there you have it folks, Annett has now been sentenced to the worst possible of punishment for his crimes against common sense; put simply, he’s screwed.

Now, some of you are probably thinking to yourselves “how is he screwed when some ‘undisclosed person in an undisclosed location’ makes some fake announcement posted on a website?”. The answer, my dear readers, is simple- anything said by an undisclosed person in an undisclosed location is worth absolute bupkis. Like the above declaration about Kevin Annett, his own declarations are pure fantasy.

For those who are still inclined to believe in Annett’s fantasy, the undisclosed source in an undisclosed location asks them a simple question:

“If I believe some guy who sets-up a half-assed WordPress site and claims to have single-handedly (with a host of unnamed people who nobody has ever seen) overturned the Catholic Church- does show that a) I’m gullible,  b) I’m corrupt, or c) I’ve smoked too much at today’s 4/20 celebration!”

And for the rest of us, who have the common-sense not to fall for Annett’s newly achieved height of stupidity, I’ll leave you with an important message. Take note of the people who are out there promoting Annett’s garbage, many are just idiots, but there are some snakes out there taking advantage too. If you have any sympathy Annett’s trail of victims, then please call these people out when you see them.


Henry Makow: Chronic 420 user?

One Annett supporter who appears to lean towards taking the “b” option (corrupt) is a Mr Henry Makow, a man who is so wacky that even “king of wacky” David Icke (also an Annett supporter) claims to be a nutbar! Makow claims to have a PhD (in an undisclosed study) if true, he must be the pride of his alma mater! (that’s sarcasm folks).

Oh Kevin Annett, Grand Poobah of the Covenanted House of Sacred Rubes, we worship you!

If con-artistry was like wrestling...

If con-artistry was like wrestling…

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