Secret Recorded Conversation With A Kevin Annett Supporter!


Justice is about to be served for Kevin Annett’s victims…

This is interesting. Ryan Elson, a blogger who has been researching into the hijacking of Occupy Victoria, recorded a conversation he had this week with Alex Hunter. Alex is a supporter who has worked closely with Kevin Annett- he has also reacted rather badly to my exposing Annett. His attacks on Facebook have been rather fierce.

The interesting thing here is that, despite how much Alex has attacked me so much this weekend, he too has great doubts about Kevin Annett. It is a great relief to see this con-artist’s support fading so quickly. Annett’s support is falling quicker than a stack of dominoes…

This recording gives us some insight into Annett’s story about the mysteriously disappearing bones from the Brandford reserve. The most telling statement is:

‎”I’ve been operating under the instructions of the sponsoring Mohawk elders who want the test results kept private until we have some support”.

Now, this is interesting- because, according to video I published of the Mohawk elders denouncing Annett, they have disowned him and withdrew his Mohawk name. The only ‘indian name’ Annett can use now is Walking Eagle. It is time for Annett to come out and make an official statement about his standing with the Six Nations.

Also interesting is the phrase “kept  private until we have some support”. I call bullshit on this one- because, if there were actual evidence of a mass grave, there would be an immediate outpouring of support from all angles. Canadians would be shocked and deeply upset if such a thing was proven- I have little doubt they would rally behind the victims.

Anyhow, here’s the recording. Please listen, and I would love to hear your opinions on what you think about all of this. We are very close to closing-down Annett’s lies for once and for all. Your opinions would be very valued- and, all on-topic comments will be published.



One last note. I’ve been writing back-and-forth with a blogger who published a story about Annett & Bowman’s supposed court filing a couple of days ago. I shared the video of the Mohawk denouncement- it quickly raised their suspicions. They, in-turn, forwarded the video to Jason Bowman.

Bowman’s response was that he hadn’t heard about the Mohawk denouncement until just now. He claimed to have been shocked by what he saw. He also said he would be going to Annett to ask him some questions. It seems to me that the rats are scrambling to abandon a sinking ship.

Jason, you may be able to claim that you were unaware that Kevin was denounced by the Mohawks- but, there is still the open question of the ‘ex-parte’ court case you said you filed. We all know now that ex-parte doesn’t mean that a court case is secret. So, you can bail on Annett, but you still have some questions to answer sir…


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  1. That’s Elson not Elison, and I was shocked to see my friend announcing of Kevin Annett right above your post. This goes incredibly deep. If I were kevin annett I’d try to save some face by actually exposing occupy, since he only was just using them. Plus he has some questions to answer about jason bowman.

    1. Sorry for the typo, I’ve fixed it now! Good to know you aren’t related to Larry!

      And, you are right, there are some questions to be answered about Bowman. Just as there are questions to be answered about Annett. Eventually, the truth will prevail…

    • Susan on July 9, 2012 at 15:51
    • Reply

    Reason why Kevin wont acknowledge the denouncement and down plays it, so that other major followers of Kevin don’t know about it. Its all part of Kevins smeer campaign against good honest people, but if they have questions about how he does things..suddenly u have been working on behalf of the Government. This is exactly the stance Kevin is taking..saying that the orignal Mohawk Group were split and divided and now smeering him and his efforts, so he got a small handful of a few Mohawks that still wont see the truth and will follow Kevins butt, despite having blinders on to actually see the fact that he was the one who quickly divided and conquered and captured the weak minded ones who still believe in long as one believes in him..he will carry on.

    1. It pains me to see the division Kevin has caused inside the community there. In particular, I’m deeply disturbed at watching how he smeared Jan Longboat – from what I can tell, she is a gentle and sweet woman. Let’s hope that Kevin is stopped now from doing this to more people…

  2. Interesting, I still don’t know what to make out of it, I will have to go back and listen again and again.

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