Why Eco-Terrorism Is A Real, And Present, Danger to British Columbia…

There’s been a lot of debate about eco-terrorism this past week. It all came out of an RCMP report that was released on a freedom of information request. Greenpeace was mentioned in this report, and they fought back against it this week– albeit poorly. As usual with the left-right paradigm- both sides of the argument …

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Should Greenpeace Be Nuked?

Growing up in Victoria BC during the 80’s, I could hardly go a day without seeing or hearing some mention of Greenpeace- a sticker on a hippie’s VW camper, a poster on a neighbour’s wall, or someone speaking in my classroom. I liked Greenpeace too, they brought awareness of important issues to the world, and …

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Kevin Annett’s (Bad) Relationship With The Squamish Nation (He’s caught lying again!)

I was practising my ‘Google-Fu’ skills this afternoon when I found a very interesting letter from the Squamish Nation. It seems that the Squamish are another nation who Kevin Annett have tried to get his bush turkey claws into- but, luckily, the Squamish were sensible enough to push Annett out of their garden.

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Kevin Annett Incites Violence Against The Clergy!

Well, we all knew it would eventually come to this- first he takes people’s money, then he starts hurting people through his smearing techniques, and now Kevin Annett is expanding his repertoire of negativity by inciting violence. If you are one of the hangers-on who still thinks Annett is an honourable man, time to think again. …

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Vancouver’s Stanley Park Is Burning! (What’s up with that?)

It all began on June 21st, Aboriginal Day, when a late night two-alarm fire was alerted in Stanley Park. Someone had lit the ticket station for the parks miniature railway on fire- putting the whole park at risk of being burned down. Luckily, the park was saved, but two firefighers were sent to St. Paul’s …

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